Top 10 Interview Questions You Must Ask Software Developers in 2019

Top 10 Interview Questions You Have to be Asking Software Developers in 2019

Top 10 Interview Questions You Have to be Asking Software Developers in 2019In today’s technologically-advanced world, more and more companies are relying on online strategies and techniques to gain new customers. One of the most common tactics is coming up with software and apps that customers will find value in. These kinds of software can have features that allow you to browse your inventory, interact with your staff, check your account, and more.

Whatever your business situation is, software development is important if you need improved conversion rates. It is also a crucial part of the success of your company. That is what it’s imperative to find a reliable software developer to oversee the creation of your new system.

However, with so many software developers out there, how do you go about hiring one for your company? This article will list some of the interview questions you need to ask a potential software developer before you hire them.

1. What tools do you use to test the quality of your codes?

This question lets you know about the tools the applicant uses for code quality assurance. A good developer should be able to explain how those tools help them in quality checking, as well as unit testing, of the codes.

2. What are your programming patterns?

A number of variables are included in a programming pattern, such as application architecture decisions, variable/class/file, testing, and source control. If the developer refuses to use any of those variables, they might not be a fit for the job. The applicant should also be able to tell you about using at least one of those variables in their previous work.

3. What is the biggest problem you’ve faced in your projects?

It’s normal for any developer to face problems while working on a project. A genuine coder should state the past problems they've encountered when working on a project in the past. They should also explain how they sorted it out and completed the project despite the problems.

Learning about what the developer has dealt with in the past and how he/she resolved it helps you better judge the developer’s skills.

4. When writing complex algorithms, what language do you often use?

When it comes to answering technical questions, every developer would have a different point of view. If you ask about their preferred language for complex algorithms, their answer might vary. There might be developers who prefer extremely high-level languages so they will no longer worry about low-level details of the project.

5. Which tools do you prefer when keeping track of requirements?

Keeping track of requirements is one important task a developer should know how to do. There are many ways to accomplish this type of task. While this is a technical question, the applicant should not hesitate to answer it. Their tools of choice can be as simple as online spreadsheets or any other software.

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6. What are the projects you’re working on during your free time?

Top 10 Interview Questions You Have to be Asking Software Developers in 20191An excellent software developer never stops learning. A passionate worker constantly builds their skillset by trying to learn about new things, despite being in the business for a long time. One great way to do that is by exploring new things on one's own.

This question lets you get to know your developer on a more personal level, and their answer will give you an idea of how they spend their spare time. It also offers you insight on which kind of projects will be the best fit for your candidate.

7. What made you decide to become a software developer?

There can be many reasons why the interviewee wanted to become a software developer. However, the most common answer would be, “Because coding and programming is my passion.” A real developer loves what he/she does, regardless of the challenges that come with it. They typically have a much deeper focus on whatever they are working on.

If someone just wants to be a developer to earn money, then they might not be the right one for your business.

8. Why should we hire you instead of the other applicants?

You’ve probably heard of this question when you were still looking for a job. It’s one of the most common questions which are not only asked to software developers but to other applicants in different fields as well. By asking this question, you’ll be able to know what sets the applicant apart from his/her fellow candidates.

9. Can you tell me about a recent project you’ve done that failed?

Talking about your failures is obviously never fun. However, showing how you’ve learned from those low points is important, especially when it comes to being a software developer. Failure is a crucial part of the programming and development process.

By answering this question, the applicant should demonstrate that they are resilient and capable of succeeding despite the challenges. It also lets you know that the applicant can work well even in an agile environment.

10. How well do you work with a team?

This question gives you a sense of the type of environment the applicant wants to work in. Software developers rarely work alone, particularly for major projects. Is the applicant a team player? Or are they more effective when performing tasks solo?

When working with a development team, there are many tasks that should be done like code review, communication, and version control. Ideally, the applicant should work well with a team but still know how to get things done even if there’s no one else to instruct him/her.

Hiring the right software developer is not as easy as it seems. If you fail to properly analyze the skills and qualities good software developers should possess, you are putting your entire company at high risk.

Programming is a field that is quite complicated as it includes different sorts of codes. Asking the right questions during an interview, then, is crucial if you want to hire the right person for the job. So for business owners or managers who are going to interview any developer, the above questions will help you select the perfect match for your company’s needs.

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