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The Ultimate Checklist for Onboarding an Outsourced Software Developer

Posted by Bydrec, Inc on Nov 14, 2018 4:27:00 AM

One of the biggest selling points of outsourcing is that you skip a lot of the traditional hiring process and go straight to the project execution. Choosing to outsource a software developer is much of the same; you look at your options, select the outsourcing company you believe you can benefit from the most, and then they send over one or two of their best people. There’s no need to post a job listing, hold an interview, or comb through CVs and resumes.

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Agile Software Development Methods: What is the Agile Unified Process?

Posted by Bydrec, Inc on Oct 10, 2018 12:34:00 PM

By definition, the Agile Unified Process is defined as a “simple, easy-to-understand approach to developing business application software using agile software development techniques and concepts,” but all the while still “remaining true to the RUP (Rational Unified Process).”

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Will AI Replace Software Developers?

Posted by Bydrec, Inc on Jun 26, 2018 9:30:00 AM

While software is taking over the world, artificial intelligence (AI) is exploding. Intelligent robots have become such an integral part of our everyday lives that we would be in serious trouble if we had to spent 1 day trying to carry out our day-to-day functions without them. Not only are they integrated into our everyday lives, but they are so in a way that makes them almost seem human. 21st century robots are becoming so human that they can play board games, paint pictures, write music and compose songs, diagnose cancer, and even tell us jokes or explain to us how to find true love. Machine learning takes this computer brain to a whole new level, allowing machines to ‘learn’ using data, without an explicit algorithm.

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