Best Tools Every Tech Recruiters Will Want in 2018

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There are dozens of recruitment software tools on the market, but it can be challenging and confusing to know which one is the best. As you select your recruitment software tools for technical job recruiters, consider these 2018 top recruitment software options.

Job Boards and Aggregators

Most of your recruitment efforts will occur through job boards. Applicants will look to these to find open positions and apply. One of the best and most popular is Indeed. As a recruiter, you can search through a large database of over 100 million resumes. This will let you select the very best leads to follow up on. Another good option is CareerBuilder. This is the second biggest resource right behind Indeed. Recently, many people are also turning to Google for Jobs, so this platform is growing. However, job boards can be so huge; the options need to be whittled down to be useful. That’s where additional tools come in handy.

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Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Recruitment software tools that work through automation and AI are helpful because they speed up processes and save recruiters time. One option is Ideal, which automates otherwise time-consuming tasks such as screening candidates and scheduling interviews. performs similar functions and also helps to transcribe the phone calls you might have during recruitment. Textio is an option that helps recruiters design better job postings. The program detects biased language and suggests alternatives.

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Candidate Relationship Management

Known as CRM software, these tools help recruiters to manage their process of engaging candidates more efficiently. This is necessary to help build the relationships that can attract the top candidates. One CRM is SmashFly. It helps companies to maintain a consistent employer brand across platforms. Another option is PhenomPeople, which uses AI to create personalized experiences for applicants.

Applicant Testing and Assessment

Today, most companies use one or more assessments before interviewing, making an offer, or onboarding new hires. These are used to assess the applicant’s knowledge, abilities, and skills. One popular option is HackerRank. This platform creates coding and technical assessments. These help recruiters check the technical skills of their recruits. Predictive Index is an option for assessing personality traits and general cognitive ability. These data points can help to predict job performance. Finally, a newer option, Pymetrics, uses algorithms to match candidates through neuroscientific tests.

Video Interviewing

Many recruiters conduct an initial video interview before progressing towards an on-site interview. There are several platforms that can assist with quality video interviews. ConveyIQ also offers features such as email and text messaging. HireVue incorporates pre-hire assessments along with interview analyses. A third option is Spark Hire, which works well for businesses of any size.

Human Capital Management Software

Once you have hired, you may find a program such as BambooHR helpful. This offers a self-service portal in which new employees can complete onboarding processes, including entering their payroll information. Tools such as this make recruitment, hiring, and onboarding more efficient.

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As a recruiter, you can also partner with software developers to have programs designed specifically for your company. This will allow you to have software made to meet your exact needs and specifications. By outsourcing software development, you will save yourself time and make recruitment a more efficient process, giving you more time to focus on the recruitment with the tools you need.


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