5 Mistakes Software Engineers Make During an Interview

5 Mistakes Software Engineers Make During an Interview.jpg

5 Mistakes Software Engineers Make During an Interview.jpg

The interview is a software engineer’s chance to shine. No matter how skilled you are, you need to ace the interview to get the job. If you’ve made it through selection and the phone screen, the interview is usually where tougher questions are asked, and you need to prove your technical and personal skills further. However, there are many common mistakes that expert nearshore software engineers often make in interviews that can end their opportunity with a great position. Here we look at 5 of the most common mistakes and how you can prevent making them during interviews.

1. Failing to Do Specific Preparation

Even if you are going to several different interviews in a limited time, specific preparation for each individual interview is essential. First, you should study carefully what each software development company is trying to accomplish, and what their mission and approach are. What you are doing in your current job, or even your experience and training, may not necessarily prepare you for this interview. Following this, you should have guidance as to how to prepare for the technical questions you may be asked in the interview. Invest time in practicing real interview questions so that you’re prepared when it comes to interviewing.

2. Not Balancing Technical and ‘Soft’ Skills

Being an expert software engineer is great. Can you back it up by also being an outstanding team player? The face to face interview is as much about assessing your interpersonal skills, language skills, and personal skills, as it is about showcasing your technical ability. Show your friendly side, communicate clearly, and give examples from your professional life of teamwork as part of your soft skills. You should also come prepared with knowledge about the company and signs that you’ve done your homework regarding the company’s goals.

dedicated software engineer team coding mistakes .jpg3. Not Showing a Range of Skills

Your interviewer won’t expect you to know details about every single technique and strategy there is. What they will expect is for you to have a good general knowledge of the available options, and evidence that you’ve put in the forethought and practice to be valuable to this company.

4. Not Being Upfront

One of the most important things for all interviews is, to be honest. For junior software engineers, one of the biggest mistakes is not being upfront about skills. Talking about something as if you have experience in it when you don’t, can only lead to difficulties. Instead, be upfront about skills, and if you don’t know something, it’s okay to say “I don’t know but I’m willing to learn.”

5. Not Showing Initiative

The interview is for the panel to see up close how you work and what your strengths are. Not talking, or communicating poorly will inhibit that, so take the initiative. When given a problem, talk about your problem-solving method out loud. It’s better to show interviewers the way your mind works, rather than silently trying to solve a problem, then not being able to.

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By preparing well and showing the best of your skills, you can feel confident of performing well at software engineer interviews.Talk to your local nearshore software development company about more tips on excelling in interviews for software engineer positions.

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