How to Recruit the Most Talented Software Developers

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What’s the one thing HR recruiter always ask me? “How can I reach the absolute best software developers out there for the positions I have?”

For some recruiters, it can be a constant battle. The best software developers are often in high demand and juggling many offers all at once. So how do you engage the best software developers and keep them interested in what you have to offer? Here are the top tips to attract the top talented software developers.

Learn About Software Development

You're not going to have much luck recruiting the best software developers if you have no idea what a software developer does. Get to know the industry by talking to experienced software developers and learn some of the basics about programming languages and what's most in demand today. Learning the lingo, and the difference between each of the programming languages set you apart as a recruiter who knows what they're talking about. This will give you more 'cred' with the developer will be more likely to choose to work with you.

Build A Strong Recruitment Reputation

Good software developers are in such high demand they can afford to be picky about who they work with. That's why you need to set yourself apart as one of the best recruiters in the industry. This may involve building your recruitment brand around the benefits you offer your candidates, particularly software developers. This means great software developers are more likely to work with you and choose you as a recruiter.

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Get To Know Your Candidate

When you're looking at applications, or targeting a software developer for recruitment, it's essential to get to know your candidate, their strengths, weaknesses, and what's important to them. Doing your research shows that you care about this candidate, and understand their skills as well as their career goals. Personalized outreach always works better than mass outreach or being treated like just another number in the system.

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Know How To Interview A Software Developer

If you want to recruit the best software developers you have to know how to identify them by asking the right questions in the interview. Most recruiters probably don't know enough about software development to ask the right questions during an interview to identify an experienced software developer. This is where it can be useful to have a tech consultant or software developer like me with you during the interview, to identify developer red flags and help you pinpoint a quality software developer.

Supercharge Your Recruiting Power

If you want to find the best software developers, you're going to need to supercharge your recruiting power. Finding and identifying the best software developers takes time, energy and skill. In our software development outsourcing company we have a whole department dedicated to finding and recruiting the best software developers. The run-of-the-mill HR recruiter doesn't have this kind of dedicated recruitment power for software developers, nor may they know how to identify a good software developer. Working with a software development company, or outsourcing your hiring to a software development company can save you time, money, and hassle while delivering the best software developers directly to you.

Getting the top software developers to work with you is no easy task, so it takes skill and the right approach to recruit them. If you want to know more about identifying the best software development talent, or if you'd like to work with Bydrec to hire software developers, talk to me today about how we can find you the top software development talent for your recruitment.

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