How Do I Shorten My Recruiting Process When Hiring Software Engineers?

How Do I Shorten My Recruiting Process When Hiring Software Engineers.jpg

How Do I Shorten My Recruiting Process When Hiring Software Engineers.jpg

Hiring the best software engineers in today's competitive environment can be tough. With 5 jobs for every dedicated software developer, possibly even more in a competitive environment like the Bay Area, your hiring process needs to be quick and efficient to get the talent you need. Here we look at how to shorten the recruiting process to get expert nearshore engineers on board with your business sooner.

Why Shorter Hiring Time is Important

Every moment you spend in the hiring process is a chance that you might lose a good candidate. Not to mention that dragging out the hiring process means you or your employees lose time that they could be investing in work. Despite advances in the hiring process and a healthy job market, the current average time-to-hire is around the longest it's ever been. The average time to bring a new hire on board is 23.5 days, a bit over 3 weeks. The competition for dedicated software developers is also fierce. While the Googles, Facebooks, and Twitters of the world have no problem getting a high volume of applications, if you're a smaller, lesser-known firm, you may have more difficulty attracting the best candidates.

Market your Company

To attract the best candidates and make the hiring process shorter and easier, you need to market your business as one that candidates will want to work at. While you may not have the big brand name of some of the larger companies, you can put your best foot forward with an appealing website, a great blog, and a strong brand message.

Technical Recruiting Cheat Sheets for Technical Roles

 Efficiency is Key

Turnover in the tech industry can be high, efficiency in hiring is vital. Working with a software development company can be helpful because you always have a pool of talent on hand when you need it. Otherwise, you need to be constantly hiring, or ready to hire in order to have the new hires on board when you need them. Preparation and starting early where possible are key.

The Answer is Outsourcing

Outsourcing the recruitment process is the ideal way to both shorten the process and take the burden off you and your employees. While a regular recruiter can help you find candidates, it's better to work with a specialized software development company. Nearshore software development outsourcing company like Bydrec understands your specific and technical needs in a software engineer and knows how to recruit developers who are perfect for the job. Bydrec will conduct all the screening to find the best candidates and have interviews set up within 2 weeks of the start of the process. This means less burden on you and your company to hire, and a faster time to hire than doing it alone.

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Hiring the best talent in the least amount of time can be tough in today's competitive market. Put your company in front by outsourcing the job hiring process to a software development company like Bydrec, for a smoother, faster and more efficient hiring process.

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