How to Use LinkedIn to Attract Quality Software Developer Candidates

How to Use LinkedIn to Attract Quality Software Developer Candidates

How to Use LinkedIn to Attract Quality Software Developer Candidates

Often referred to as the “Facebook for professionals,” LinkedIn is an online social media career-networking platform, which allows both companies and job searchers to upload their professional identities online and collaborate with others via the platform. For both employers and employees, LinkedIn can be a handy tool to connect and make the searching stages of the hiring process more streamlined. Before jumping onto LinkedIn to find your next software developer, it is essential to put a little bit of time into your employer profile and job postings. Otherwise, you will only expand the chaos of the search to the realm of LinkedIn. Here are a few tips on using LinkedIn to attract quality software developer candidates:

  • Profile: Create a well-thought out company profile including your mission statement, about us, and a little bit about the company culture, so that you can make sure you’re attracting a candidate that will fit in well with the team. Use all 2,000 characters for your company description. This section is searchable by Google, so use it to optimize your SEO by using all the characters and keywords. Include images on your profile which makes you 14 times more likely to be viewed, so take some professional photos of you and the team having fun, and some of the employers getting their work done.
  • Position summary: Write an interesting summary of the position you are trying to fill. This section can make the difference between that perfect candidate responding to your InMail or moving on to the next listing. Be honest about what you are looking for, but make sure you don’t leave out anything that is enticing about your company or the position. Make it clear what is in it for them – a hip, flexible company culture with great benefits? Maybe even share something personal (but not too personal) to establish rapport.
  • Call to action: Make it as easy as possible for an interested candidate to begin the process. Include a call to action in the listing which can be “if you are interested in this position we would love to hear from you,” or it can be an invitation for them to check out more about the company on the website or social media.
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Social recruiting has become so mainstream in the job search process that a company that doesn’t use it is inevitably skewing their candidate sample population. According to Betterteam, 94% of professional recruiter’s network on social media, and 59% of employees report having chosen their jobs at least partly based on their company’s social media presence. But if you’re going to jump on the bandwagon do it right. Make sure you are focusing on your scope of candidates, rather than expanding your search to irrelevant ones. The idea is to make the search quicker, easier, and more focused than more time-consuming.

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