How Bydrec Can Save You 50% on Software Developer New Hires

How Bydrec Can Save You 50 on Software Developer New Hires2

How Bydrec Can Save You 50 on Software Developer New Hires2-1

Outsourcing is generally hailed as one of the most cost-effective options for businesses looking to hire specialized help for specific projects. Aside from the fact that it eliminates all unnecessary expenses—like overheads, training fees, extra supplies and equipment—outsourcing is, ultimately, the option easiest on the finances. Rather than paying software developers every week (or every month) regardless of whether or not they had something to work on, managers only need to pay a one-time fee upon project completion; no monthly charges, no annual costs, no tax additions … nothing.

Nearshore Outsourcing: The Nearshoring Advantage

Nearshoring is a subtype of outsourcing that refers to the practice of hiring third-party agencies from another country. The difference between nearshore outsourcing and all other types of outsourcing is that the company you choose to partner with is based in a country close to your own in terms of distance, culture, language, and time zone.

Nearshore outsourcing is slowly growing in popularity, and is—in many cases—considered to be a better option than offshore outsourcing.

The primary factor that plays in nearshore’s favor is proximity. Because there are no time zone constraints and very little language barriers to deal with, communication between partner companies is smooth and uninterrupted. Price is also not compromised due to the drastically different living standards between countries.

Most importantly, the quality of nearshore outsourcing companies is on-par with onshore outsourcing companies—and it comes at a mere fraction of the average market rate.

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Building Bridges with Bydrec: Efficient and Cost-Effective

How Bydrec Can Save You 50 on Software Developer New Hires1If you understand the benefits of nearshore outsourcing, then you also need to understand that Bydrec, a nearshore software development outsourcing company, is your best, most cost-effective option. For businesses worried about balancing performance and budget, Bydrec can offer world-class software engineering and project management that will cost you half of what you’d normally spend on new hires.

Here’s how:

#1. US-Level Skills at a Fraction of the Going Price

Bydrec has a long-standing partnership with the best nearshore developers—all of whom have considerable industry experience, technical expertise, and a full gamut of relevant skills and talent. What’s more, these developers are on par with US-based engineers, and are ultimately just as capable and competent—if not more so—as they are.

Despite the similar skill level, nearshore developers charge half the going rate of US developers without compromising the quality of their performance. They can afford to do so because the standard of living in their country is a lot lower than US standards. Likewise, Bydrec can afford to offer all its services at a price point much lower than the average market cost. There is no downside, no cut corners, and no fine print.

With Bydrec, total cost-effectiveness is our guarantee.

#2. Incredible Time Efficiency

How long does it take you to recruit new staff, from start to finish? A week? Several weeks? A month?

From the moment you post the job opening until the very end—when your new recruit finishes their onboarding process and is ready to actually start working—you’re using company resources. You’ll need to pull several staff members from their current jobs and get them to help you organize the recruitment and onboarding process. The time you spend flipping through resumes and conducting interviews is still time that could have been spent focusing on company growth and expansion. What’s more, some sites will require you to pay a fee before you can put up your job listing.

Just like with traditional media, i.e. newspapers and magazines, you will need to pay to get the word out there.

Bydrec already has capable and fully qualified software developers on standby, ready to jump in and help at any time. As mentioned earlier, their partnership with us means they’ve already been screened, interviewed, and selected based on their skill level and work ethic. Signing on with Bydrec means immediate access to these developers, consequently saving your HR department the time, money, and effort of hiring a new engineer.

Free Cost Comparison Tool for Software Engineers

#3. 24/7 Support—Even Post-Project

Many third-party outsourcing and technical recruitment agencies only offer support for the duration of the project. As far as they’re concerned, once their developers have delivered their part—as stipulated in the contract—the partnership is over, and no one owes anyone anything.

This is typical business attitude, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it applies to everyone.

Here at Bydrec, we provide ongoing support before, during, and after the project is finished. We fully understand that software development does not end after implementation and one measly round of testing. Some coding errors and program glitches only become known after extensive performance tests and troubleshooting—processes that may be too much to handle for developers who didn’t have an immediate hand in the program development and design.

In such cases, our developers are more than happy to step back into the game and help with maintenance, code corrections, and customer service. We strive to nurture a long-term relationship with our clients, hence our guarantee that we’ll stick around long after the project has been completed.

#4. Full Management for One Project

What we don’t want to do is simply rent out one or two software developers to your company and consider our end of the bargain fulfilled. That’s not the service we offer and that’s not the service you deserve.

When you sign on with Bydrec, we guarantee peace of mind throughout the entire duration of your project—and then some. The whole point of outsourcing your project management is that you don’t spend time and effort actually managing the project.

We can, and we will.

Bydrec is a full project-management team capable of handling all the little details—from mapping out the project scope to cleaning up the deliverables. We get to know your company, get to know the objectives of your project, and then tailor fit our management processes to suit your specific needs.

We handle all the ins and outs of matching you with the right development team, coming up with contingency plans, drawing up full-time communication schedules, and preparing any and all questions/concerns before we even begin.

And because we work with nearshore software developers, we’re able to handle potential issues real-time.

#5. A Free Shot

Still not 100% convinced that Bydrec is the best option on the market? The beauty of this company is that you can give us a shot—for free.

What this means is that we can take a look at resumes, share the platforms our developers provide, and offer you all the information you need before you officially sign a contract with us. We believe in transparency, and we love it when potential clients are interactive and open with us.

As such, we also understand that need to waylay concerns and establish trust—which is why we’re more than happy to put ourselves out there. We’re happy to discuss in-depth how Bydrec can help you in regards to your specific software development needs. That means going into details such as development platforms, available engineers and software developers, operations and processes, and—of course—pricing.



Learn More About Why Bydrec is the Best Nearshore Software Development Company for You

If you’re ready to sign on with Bydrec for your software development needs, feel free to drop us a message or give as a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss your project further. We also make it a point to focus on just one project at a time—in an effort not to spread our resources too thin—so don’t waste any time! Contact Bydrec now before our schedule completely fills up.

save 50 percent on your dedicated software development team with Bydrec

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