8 Signs That Can Differentiate A Great Software Developer From A Good One

8 Signs That Can Differentiate A Great Software Developer From A Good One

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As a software developer myself, I know how rare and prized a good software developer is. But even better than a good software developer is a great software developer (and of course even harder to find). Having worked with a huge range of software developers myself, I've narrowed down the key signs that distinguish a merely 'good' software developer from the truly great.

1. Great Communication Skills

While many people might picture software developers just sitting silently behind a computer all day, in reality, effective communication is one of the distinguishing factors of a great software developer. Communication is an essential part of a software developer's job, for liaising with clients and coordinating with other team members.

2. The Right Attitude

It's one of those ineffable attributes that gets glossed over as 'fluff,' but the right attitude can really define the performance of a developer. A great developer cares about the project above all else, and doesn't let their ego or workload get in the way of putting 100% into the project.

3. Technical Experience

Of course, a great developer has outstanding technical skills and experience. The experience is important because learning the skills takes relatively little time compared to the years it takes to truly become an expert. Your ideal developer shouldn't just have 'skills' in the programming language you need, but deep experience, having used the language in other projects over longer periods of time. 

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4. Has 'Soft' Skills

They're called soft skills, but when it comes to finding a truly great software developer, they are just as important as the ‘hard’ technical skills you’re looking for. Ability to work with a team, time management, social skills, communication and conflict management are all attributes you should be looking for.

5. Organized

If the work that needs to be done for your project is not delivered on time, it's not going to mean much, no matter how great your developer is. Time and task management are absolutely essential for the best developers as they organize and manage their work to get your projects completed on time.

6. Works With The Team

The software development process often involves a wide and varied team, including other software developers and upper management. Working together with a team to manage and complete tasks for the project's ultimate success is an essential skill for the best software developers.

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7. Envisions the End User

A software developer can't afford only to get bogged down in the details without thinking about the end user of the software or app. While an average software developer will just complete the task, a great software developer thinks of what the user of the software will really experience, troubleshooting and add value throughout the development process.

8. Ability to Learn

No matter how much skill or experience a software developer has built, it's essential for a developer always to be open to learning more and building on their knowledge base. Being willing to admit they don't know, yet being willing to learn quickly, really makes a great software developer.

Having worked with so many software developers over the years has shown me how integrating this range of skills makes a great developer, and ultimately produces a great outcome. If you're struggling to find truly great software developers for your project, talk to me at Bydrec today about putting together a uniquely matched and ideally skilled team of software developers to match your needs.


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