Become the Best Technical Recruiter with These 5 Tips!

Become the Best Technical Recruiter with These 5 Tips.jpg

Become the Best Technical Recruiter with These 5 Tips.jpg

If you want to be the best technical recruiter, your techniques need to be on top of their game to secure the top talent. Technical recruitment entails many skills that you need to regularly hone—writing job descriptions, reading through resumes, screening potential employees, maintaining positive communication, helping to entice the right candidate for the position, and negotiating the right offer that balances the needs of the company and the qualities of the candidate. Learn how to become a better technical recruiter with these five tips.

1. Know the industry and the technology

The technical positions you’re hiring for require specific training and skills. Becoming a better technical recruiter means understanding the industry, including the typical training, optimal experiences, necessary, and preferred skills, as well as the general programming languages used. This deeper understanding shows the companies and recruits that you know what you’re talking about. This allows you to do your job with greater efficiency, clarity and accuracy keeping both clients and recruits happy.

2. Build an Increasing List of Contacts

Recruiters need to know where to look and who to contact to find the right candidates for any job they need to fill. Good recruiters have many contacts and are always looking to add more. This includes keeping track of past leads and keeping strong resumes on file for future use. It also means knowing how to network online and offline to continue developing and sustaining a good list of contacts.

3. Develop EXCELLENT Communication Skills 

Talking to clients, engaging candidates, and networking with contacts all require great communication skills. Communication and people skills can always be developed and improved if you need to work on engaging and building relationships with potential candidates. It’s important to be friendly and make a priority of listening to the candidate to make sure they feel their needs are being heard. It is also important to know how to effectively describe and ‘sell’ the hiring company to them, so they can see themselves in that position.

Research to Understand the Marketplace.jpg4. Research to Understand the Marketplace

A good technical recruiter knows what payroll and benefits would best match a given position. This is important because nowadays many potential employees want to see that salary listed right on the job description. If they don’t see the salary on the job description, they expect it in the offer and would prefer a good offer over negotiating. A good technical recruiter has a finger on the pulse of the current marketplace to determine which skills or positions are more valuable, and who potentially has the negotiating power. Stay up to date with marketplace fluctuations through news reports, job demand, or contacts in the industry...

5. Talk to Other Technical Recruiters and Developers

Like in any field or industry, you can improve your own skills by talking to others who are already at the top of their game. Find the top technical recruiters through research or networking and reach out to those recruiters and ask if you can schedule a meeting. By learning from their techniques, experience, and mistakes you can get greater insights into how to improve your approach to technical recruiting. It also helps to understand your target candidates by talking to software developers and getting to know their needs and priorities. This will help you tailor positions more specifically to what will attract the best software developers.

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It might take work, but you can develop and hone your skills to be a better technical recruiter. Engage with top software development companies and recruiting companies to help guide and foster your growth and to hone your skills as a technical recruiter.

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