Why Outsourcing a Dedicated Software Developer is an Effective Technical Recruitment Solution

Why Outsourcing a Dedicated Software Developer is an Effective Technical Recruitment Solution

Why Outsourcing a Dedicated Software Developer is an Effective Technical Recruitment SolutionGenerally speaking, technical recruitment is a logistical nightmare. From the moment you post the job listing up until the end of the on-boarding process, your company has to devote a hefty amount of resources (both material and human) just to pick and choose the new employees. The oftentimes wasteful inefficiency of this option is what drives most business owners to outsource a dedicated software developer for most of their major IT projects rather than create their own in-house team. In fact, outsourcing is widely considered to be one of the best technical recruitment solutions available.

Here’s why:

Software Expertise & Talent

Working with a dedicated software developer (or development team) means you have full access to the experience, technical expertise, and refined skillset of an engineering professional without the extra responsibility of managing them.

In order to stand out, attract clients, and secure repeat customers, many contractual software developers dedicate themselves to continuously improving their competency in their craft. As a result, they are well-versed in all the latest advances in their industry, and are consequently able to execute and implement newly-introduced methods in their approach.


Hiring a dedicated software developer in lieu of technical recruitment solutions affords your business a degree of flexibility you simply can’t achieve in-house. Aside from utilizing their extensive experience to offer you fully-customized software solutions that perfectly fit your project’s parameters, working with an outsourced developer means you can freely adjust related resources as you see fit.

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Once you hire an in-house software developer, you need to keep them continuously occupied with responsibilities — otherwise you end up paying salary and benefits even when no work is being done.

On the other hand, outsourcing your development needs to one or two independent contractors means you can choose to retain the developers for another upcoming project or switch to someone new, once the contract is done. Alternatively, you can choose to outsource to a whole development team or just stick to three or four individuals. You can choose to pay on a monthly, weekly, or per-project basis. You can choose to add more developers mid-project.

In other words, choosing outsourced software development gives you options you wouldn’t otherwise have with an in-house team.

Cost-effective, Time-effective

As far as technical recruitment solutions go, outsourcing is arguably the most cost-effective. In fact, one of its biggest benefits—and one of the main reasons why so many business owners swear by outsourcing—is the fact that it can save you a significant amount of time, money, and other miscellaneous resources.

By outsourcing a dedicated software developer, you are essentially hiring a competent, qualified individual who is able Free Cost Comparison Tool for Software Engineersto start right away. You can literally have them begin working on the project the same day it gets approved.

Technical recruitment, on the other hand, is the definition of delayed gratification.

If you decide to hire a dedicated software developer through technical recruitment, you’re going to spend at least several weeks following the initial job post just filtering resumes, interviewing applicants, and sending out emails. Once you hire your choice, you have to spend another week or two for the onboarding process.

At this point, more than a month has passed and you still won’t have much to show for it.

By outsourcing a software developer for an upcoming project, you won’t experience any delays or issues from the initial discussion to the actual program implementation. You also won’t have to pay for their development seminars (or webinars), training modules, platform updates, software/application improvements, and other equipment upgrades—something you will have to do when you recruit a developer for your own team.  

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and with it the programs and software follow suit. Every few months or so, there are upgrades in existing software development methods. New systems and techniques are introduced almost every year. For software development experts to remain experts, they need to constantly update their knowledge, improve their skills, and adjust their approach.

Recruiting a software developer means potentially funding their efforts to stay up-to-date and in-the-know. If you fail to do so, the quality of their work eventually suffers.                                         

Risk Mitigation

Due to their experience and constant involvement with the programming landscape, outsourced software engineers are well aware of the risks involved in the development process. Therefore, they possess risk-management methods that are far more effective than the norm. Depending on the project’s parameters, they are also typically able to revise their approach in such a way that it efficiently minimizes unnecessary risks in regards to what needs to be achieved.

Some business owners are driven by a common misconception that outsourcing is a potential security threat, especially since sensitive company data is usually involved. However, as mentioned earlier, outsourced freelance developers operate in a highly competitive industry. Their reputation should be completely clean and their credentials ironclad if they want to continue to attract contractual work. Professionally speaking, they can’t afford to lose job opportunities due to inattention and negligence.

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Proper Focus

Lastly, outsourcing a dedicated software developer affords you the time to focus completely on other responsibilities—ones that fall in your area of expertise, ones that you actually enjoy doing, or ones that actively affect the growth and expansion of your company.

If your business doesn’t possess any sort of core competency within the IT domain, it can be difficult to manage related tasks, let alone oversee software development projects. Hiring an in-house software developer seems like the logical choice, but the logistics of such a decision can be quite time-consuming and strenuous—never mind the amount of resources it can consume.

Comparatively, outsourcing a software engineer on a contractual, per-project basis means that other than the initial project discussion, providing clarification, and conducting routine check-ins, you don’t need to handle (or worry about) anything else. The details of the actual development process can and will be handled completely by the developer, leaving you with free time and more resources which you can then redirect to a more pressing area of your business.

Overall, outsourcing is a resourceful, efficient, and highly effective option for most businesses—with or without an existing in-house development team. It’s quick, relatively simple to set up, and yields instant, tangible results. Other technical recruitment solutions may not be as manageable, flexible, or risk-free as outsourcing a software developer. And as far as the calculated disadvantages are concerned, they are far, far outweighed by the benefits.  

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