Don't Miss These 5 Technical Recruitment Trends in 2018

Don't Miss These 5 Technical Recruitment Trends in 2018.jpg

Don't Miss These 5 Technical Recruitment Trends in 2018.jpg

As 2018 gets rolling, you may be starting to think more about your business’s technical needs in the new year. As the demand for top tech talent exceeds supply, it’s important to be strategic about your recruitment methods. The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your strategy and look at new ways you can target the best tech talent. Here are 5 technical recruitment trends you don’t want to miss in 2018.

1. Shrinking Interview Processes

Developers don’t have time for prolonged talent searches and selection interviews, and this can really put them off in the hiring process. Furthermore, as top talent is increasingly harder to find, businesses must act fast to secure their choices before competitors do. In fact, research shows that many applicants lose interest in a job when there is not any follow-up within the initial two weeks after an interview.

That’s why companies are aiming to reduce the time-span of the recruitment and interview process in 2018. Stay relevant by sitting down with your technical recruiters and look at how you can tighten up your recruitment process while maintaining communication, so applicants stay engaged.

salary negotiations in technical recruitment .jpg2. Salary Negotiations are Old-School

Employers have historically had the upper hand in salary negotiations. Today, however, applicants can easily research compensation data, and many websites also offer tips on how to successfully negotiate.

So rather than negotiating a deal, many companies are now taking a different approach by telling potential employees the salary information right up-front, even providing it on the job listing. These listings get many more clicks and views, even if the salary is on the lower-end. It indicated that ultimately applicants just like to know what to expect. As 2018 continues, be prepared to just offer the best salary you can and to be forthcoming about how you arrived at that figure.

3. More Financial Wellness Offers

Developers often make good salaries, but they want more to guarantee their long-term financial well-being. While traditionally, companies may have left these concerns to individual employees, today’s research shows that employees are less productive when they experience financial stress. Businesses who want to attract and retain the best candidates should offer developers more than just a decent paycheck. Providing guidance with financial planning helps to bolster employee well-being, which ultimately means better results in the workplace.

4. Increased Use of Mobile Devices

Most of us turn to our smartphones and other handheld devices when doing research, and your potential tech talent is likely no different. In fact, 1 out of 10 adults report using the internet only on their cell phones. If you want to attract fresh talent, you must provide an online application option, implementing responsive design so your content looks good on any platform.

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5. Outsourcing Your Technical Recruitment

Another top trend, not just in technical recruitment but also in many other industries, is to outsource. Businesses are learning that it is much easier to contract work out to experts, who can efficiently and effectively provide an outstanding result, allowing current employees to focus on their work. Software development professionals who provide outsourcing technical recruitment understand the job from the inside out and have their finger on the pulse of the latest recruitment trends, to ensure you get a top candidate.

Following the latest technical recruitment trends, or outsourcing technical recruitment to a software development company like Bydrec where necessary gives you the best chance to reach and connect with the best candidates for your project.


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