What are the Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development

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What are the Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development.jpg

Sometimes businesses and startups need software and apps that help their processes run more smoothly, or deliver a service to their clients. The solution?  Custom software development. People and companies frequently use custom software development to design software for a specific use or purpose. However, there are both pros and cons to custom software development that you should consider before taking the plunge.

Pros of Custom Software Development

Specific - One of the best benefits of custom software development is that the resulting software can be designed to match your exact needs and specifications. This is helpful when you have unique needs and want very particular features. This customization is not always possible with packaged or off-the-shelf software options. Pre-fabricated options will be designed for more general purposes and users in mind. This software may meet many of your needs; however, they may also leave some needs unmet because they simply were not designed with your purposes in mind.

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Updates - Additionally, when you select packaged software because it has been designed with many people in mind, it will also be updated to meet the needs of the masses. You might, in fact, not even want the software to be updated, but as you use the packaged product, you may be forced to. This could cause you to lose some functionality you had come to expect, and it will cause you to have to learn new features.

Control - When you commission the development of custom software, you not only have complete control over the design of the product. You also get to determine when new features and updates occur. Indeed, there may be times when you want to work with your software development team to implement updates. The software developers can respond to your new and growing needs.

Cons of Custom Software Development

Cost - The biggest drawback of custom software development is the cost. Like with any custom item, the product will cost more than the off-the-shelf options. However, those costs may be quickly offset by the increased efficiency you and your workers find while using that customized software.

Time - It can take time and expertise to identify the needs you have for your software, and to discern how to best meet those needs with custom software development. This can mean some lead time before you can put your plans into action towards the final product.

Managing Software Development

To offset some of the drawbacks of custom software development, many companies outsource to a specialized software development outsourcing company. A software development company will gather specific information from you regarding your needs and goals, then make the plans and consult with you as needed to deliver the final product. They can even offer tutorials to assist you and your team in best using the new software.

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