What a Software Developer Must Know in 2021

Software developers were faced with constant changes last year, as well as challenges. 2020 was a difficult year for the industry. It was also a significant year, as it had breakthroughs in different areas, including the software development cycle. Among the changes that are bound to be noticed are low code and no-code platforms. They shifted some of the development processes to non-programmers. In this article, we’ll briefly explain SDLC and what to look forward to in 2021.

What is SDLC?

The software development life cycle creates quality software for the most minimal cost, and in the shortest amount of time. It ensures a properly structured process that flows. This helps organizations produce and test top-quality software that’s quickly available for production use.

Popular SDLC models include the spiral model, Agile model, Iterative model, V-shaped model, Big Bang model, and Waterfall model. The six stages of SDLC include:

Requirement analysis (identifying the current problem)

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Building
  • Code testing
  • Software deployment

Benefits of SDLC

What is SDLC, and how will it benefit software developers in 2021? If done correctly, the software development cycle can allow organizations to gain the highest management control and documentation level.

New Trends that Software Developers Should Expect in 2021

5G Tech Will Bring New Opportunities

5G is a controversial topic, depending on who you talk to. However, beyond such controversy there are exciting new tech opportunities. This innovation is among the top awaited trends in 2021, owing to its influential impact. In 2021, and the years to come, 5G will unlock more possibilities for software developers to utilize and engage in their programs. This will also boost high-speed capabilities, and more computing power that will help revolutionize software development work.

Centralized Infrastructure (Applicable to Cloud)

Although 2020 was hard hit by a pandemic, this didn’t stop Cloud adoption from further expanding into businesses and organizations. The Cloud has proven that it’s no longer an alternative, but a new, must-have tech solution—both for upscaling and downscaling. Cloud migration will become the norm, especially because most businesses have been operating from home during the pandemic. There will be a high demand for, and possibly a massive shortage of, cloud-native engineers in 2021.

Quantum Computing Will Gain Momentum

Quantum computing has the potential to impact every sector. In 2020, there were some significant breakthroughs and improvements in quantum computing. Honeywell claimed that it designed a quantum computer more powerful than the latest model that was created by Google.

Tech giants and governments are exploring as well as investing in quantum computing. Amazon is also currently offering managed quantum computing services. Due to this tremendous interest and the infinite possibilities, there will likely be some remarkable breakthroughs in quantum computer discoveries in 2021.

AI Will Remain in the Spotlight

Software development will soon rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence. It’s a long-standing dream for technology that is beginning to shift into reality. AI is getting better by the day, along with machine learning, and persistent efforts from engineers.

One of the top 2021 software development trends will be a continuous shift towards using and developing AI functionalities. Developers will discover a greater emphasis is placed on manipulating new capabilities, like image recognition and machine learning.

Blockchain Will Improve

Blockchain is one of the significant disruptive innovations developed in recent times. It has the potential to change the whole tech industry. Cryptocurrency has played a major role in popularizing this innovative technology.

In 2021, blockchain will be further utilized as a smart contract mechanism. Hopefully, it will proceed into the slope of enlightenment phase. China has put blockchain in its ambitious 500-trillion "New Infrastructure Plan.”

IOT Will Remain a Major Theme

Just like AI, the Internet of Things is a popular and growing trend. The majority of software developers are currently familiar with the concept. According to Bain and Company, the Internet of Things market will grow to $520 billion in 2021. This will encourage software developers to focus on developing programs for connected and smart devices.

More Launching Native Apps

One of the top trends for software development in 2021 is the dominance of native apps. Native apps are those designed for a specific device platform, like Android or iOS. Native apps are the solution to an increased need and demand for mobile usability, and flawless mobile experiences.

Software developers are able to explore and utilize the real potential of a device, courtesy of native apps. It translates to improved performance, security, and a tailored UI. As a result, the growing desire for native apps is expected to continue into 2021.

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A Growing Interest in Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are also unlikely to disappear from the market any time soon. They combine the accessibility of a website with the convenience of an application. Fortunately, they do not need downloads from application stores. The demand for increased smooth mobile experiences will increase the focus on progressive web apps.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid digital transformation is closing a big gap in terms of supply and demand for software developers. Recently, the low code no-code initiative has been gaining in popularity. There are different low code no-code platforms on the market, like Bubble. Their success made way for low code no-code development in other areas, too, such as No-Code AI, No-Code Machine Learning, and No-Code App Development. In 2021, low code no-code will be among the most popular fields with different innovations, acquisitions, and mergers.

The Impact of Remote Work

The pandemic has required many more people to work from home than ever before. And, remote work will proceed past 2021, influencing how software developers collaborate on their various projects.

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Bottom Line

Lots of changes are sure to influence the software development industry this year. Whether it means introducing new technology, or the need for better software, developers will soon be in short supply to fulfill the growing demand. Bydrec Inc. can connect you with experienced software developers so you can keep pace with new trends in 2021. Let’s welcome the year with a better strategy. Call us at 888-864-3124 to get started.

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