iOS App Development: X Best Practices for Creating a Successful App for Your Business

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Modern businesses now require an omnichannel approach to generate new customers and increase engagement with current ones. iOS App Development is the first step toward achieving these goals. Apps help you keep your users engaged and involved with your brand on a more personal level. They are also an excellent way to drive traffic to your website or drive-through service by creating branded user experiences that are distinct from other channels. There are over 3 million apps listed in the leading app stores, but only 222 of those have a perfect 5-star rating. That’s because developing a successful app isn’t easy. But it doesn’t need to be so challenging either. If you’re considering iOS app development for your business, read on for seven best practices for building a successful app with a Bydrec engineer.

iOS App Development Tips

iOS App Development Tip 1: Be clear about your goals

Before you begin iOS app development, make sure you are clear with us about your goals. What is the business impact you want your app to have? How do you want your users to benefit from it? How will you measure the success of your app? What is the reason for creating this app? Do you want to increase customer engagement? Or do you want to provide a more convenient user experience? Your goals will help you decide what features your app should include, as well as how you will promote it.

iOS App Development Tip 2: Define your target audience

Who is your iOS app development for? You must understand the needs and preferences of your target audience in order to create an app that resonates with them. What is the age range of your target audience? What are their interests? Do they use a mobile device as their primary device or as a secondary device? What is the device type or brand that they prefer? These questions will help you identify your target audience and build a better app that is more likely to resonate with them.

iOS App Development Tip 3: Plan for localization

If your iOS app development is native, localization will determine your app’s breadth and depth of users. Your app will generate more downloads and build a larger user base if it’s localized for other languages and regions. What languages does your app need to support? Are there particular regions where you would like to focus your app? If you want to expand your app’s reach, you need to consider localization from the start of your app development cycle. If your mobile app is responsive, you can decide to localize your content for each language and region. But if you’re building a native app, you’ll need to decide which app store you’ll use and build your apps for each region and language.

iOS App Development Tip 4: Don't sacrifice security for speed

iOS app development is a challenging task where you must constantly make difficult choices. One of the choices you’ll need to make is whether to prioritize speed or security. There are several ways to speed up your app, but they may be at the cost of security. You need to strike the right balance between the two. What are the bottlenecks in your app? Are there unnecessary processes that you can remove to speed things up? You can prioritize speed over security at the start of your app development, but you must ensure that you don’t introduce any security flaws. Do you need to use third-party libraries, SDKs, and plugins in your app? Or can you build everything from scratch? Third-party libraries may offer a quicker solution, but will they compromise on security?

iOS App Development Tip 5: Estimate your app’s ROI

Before you begin iOS app development with a Bydrec engineer, think about how will you measure the ROI of the app. For many businesses, the ROI of their mobile app is unclear. You may want to consider the benefits your app will provide, but you may not be sure how to measure them. There are different ways to approach this. You can focus on the number of new users to your app or the number of repeat users. You can also focus on the average revenue per user. What is the core functionality of your app? How will your app generate revenue? What user behavior do you want to incentivize? What user actions do you want to drive? Before you build your app, consider how you will measure its ROI. This will help you stay focused and make better decisions along the way.

iOS App Development Tip 6: Create a solid user experience

What does your app’s user experience (UX) look like? How does it flow from one screen to another? What is the user journey like? What is the user’s expectation when they download and open your app? What are the screens the user sees when they open your app? What do they do next? Where do they go after that? What screens do they see when they make a purchase? What are the user expectations when they make an in-app purchase? How can you make the UX of your app consistent across all devices? What are the critical user flows in your app? What happens when the user follows a particular path? What is the critical path that the user must follow?

iOS App Development Tip 7: Don't skimp on Quality Assurance

How will you make sure your app is highly reliable? What testing will you perform during the development phase? What tests will you perform on the app’s performance? What level of testing will you perform? Will you rely on automated testing or will you also include manual testing? Will you include a regression test so you can identify if any of your previous tests have failed? What levels of security testing do you need to perform? How will you ensure that your app is compliant with regulations? What are the critical flows in your app? What are the common transactions that occur in your app? What are the edge cases? How do you test those edge cases? What tests do you need to run on your app? What third-party apps or libraries will you use in your app?

iOS App Development Tip 8: Determine how you will get users and what kind

How will your app gain users? Will you build an app with the intention of getting free users or paying users? Which app store will you list your app in? How will you rank your app? What are the key words and long-tail keywords that you will target? What is the value proposition of your app? How will you promote your app? What channels will you use? What is the expected cost per install (CPI) of each channel? For example, CPI for Facebook ads is $1.80 and for Google AdWords is $2.20. What amount of money do you want to spend to acquire new users for your app? What is the best ad network for your niche? Which channel will give you the most value for your app?

iOS App Development Tip 9: Find the right mobile app development partner

You need to find the right mobile iOS app development partner for your project. A partner like Bydrec can help you achieve your business goals through developing your app. We can also help you understand the process of developing an app and the associated challenges. What is the experience of your potential app development partner? What is their track record? What apps have they developed in the past? What apps are they currently developing? What services do they offer? What are the terms and conditions of their services? How do they charge for their services? What is their contract structure? What is the cost of developing an app? What are the alternatives to developing an app? What are the timelines for developing and releasing your app? What communication channels do they use?

iOS App Development Tip 10: Show your users you care about UX

How will you ensure that the app you build is the best it can be? Are you paying attention to the user experience as you build the app? Are you listening to your users and looking at their feedback as you develop the app? What is the tone of your app? What language is your app written in? Are your app’s visuals appealing to the eye? Is the content of your app helpful? What are the critical features of your app? Which features do your users care about? How can you make sure these features are well integrated into the app?

iOS App Development Tip 11: Don't rely on ad revenue alone

The ad revenue model isn’t sustainable for most businesses. It might generate some revenue from day one, but it’s unlikely to ever generate the type of revenue needed to cover the cost of creating that app in the first place. Most businesses are seeing only 10-25% click through rates (CTR) with the majority of ads being ignored by users. That’s why relying solely on ad revenue to cover the cost of creating your app could be a recipe for disaster.


If you’re looking into iOS app development for your business, you have a lot of runway ahead of you. It’s important to start planning for your app’s success from day one. You’ll want to focus on building the right features, optimizing your app's performance, and establishing a solid user experience. Every step of the way, you should be analyzing your results and evaluating whether your app is meeting your business goals.

Ultimately, the goal of iOS app development is to drive business growth and increase revenue. With an eye toward making your business successful, you now know how to create an app that is both functional and effective. The world of mobile applications is ever-changing. New trends and apps pop up on a daily basis. As you build your app, it can help you to stay current with mobile app trends and leverage those trends to create an app that your users love.

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