How to Choose a Software Development Company

How to Choose a Software Development Company

When it comes to choosing a software development company, there are many things that you need to consider: Will they work with me when I have questions? What is their process for developing software? Do I feel comfortable with the team of developers? If your company is looking to hire a software developer and you want to be sure you make the right choice, read on to learn what to look for when choosing a company and about how the Software Development Life Cycle, or SDLC, is an important factor in this decision.

Look at Their History

A good place to start looking is with their history. This will give you a good idea of how long they have been in business and the types of projects that they have worked on. You can also learn from their past clients by asking for references or testimonials, but be careful to contact references who are similar to your project so that you get a better idea of a company's capabilities. 

Look at How They Create

On top of their company history, you also need to look at how they go about creating software. Ask for a portfolio from the companies that they have created programs for in the past. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and will help you determine if the company is capable of your project or not. 

Ask for a Quote

You should also get an estimate from the company that you are considering for your project. This will help you avoid any unexpected expenses down the road because they can tell you what to expect in terms of hours and costs related to development.

Trust Your People Instincts

Consider how you feel about their team of developers before working with them on your project. If you do not feel comfortable with the team of developers, do not hire them. Before you get started, notice if they are quick to respond to your questions and make upi feel comfortable that they could do what you need.

How Involved Do You Want to Be?

Another important consideration is how involved you want to be with the process. Some will ask for your input and others may not, but most software development companies are happy to provide their experience and knowledge before they start a project. 

Ask About Their Process and Be Sure it is Adaptable

Before you hire anyone, ask them what their process is and if they would be open to any changes that you may have so that your project does not end up costing more or taking longer than expected. This is perhaps the most important factor when considering a hire.

Every development process must go through a methodology to ensure workability of the product and achieve a positive end result. One methodology that ByDrec employs is what is known as and referred to as agile project management or agile scrum. Agile methodology is an example of one type of software development life cycle (SDLC). In the agile SDLC, there are 7 main stages, but it is important to mention that while these processes can evolve and are cyclical, an outline is needed to ensure the product is quality and milestones are being met.

The process itself can adapt as it goes, and as with any creative new endeavor, it will be non-linear. In addition, the nature of the project can also elect the method. Agile methodology is the opposite of what is known as a waterfall approach, which is linear, but means there is no room for change after receiving critical feedback, adapting to new trends, which is inevitable, or gaining better intel as the project evolves. Figuratively speaking, the agile process is a circle that allows for fluid movement back and forth and around as much as possible while new intel is acquired. Contrastingly, the waterfall method is merely a straight line going only in one direction. Agile methodology prioritizes ongoing cycles wherein small changes occur between releases. This method means more iterations and more tests, but it helps teams address issues as they come rather than trying to deal with them later during more complex project stages. 

Don’t Be Afraid to be Picky

Before you start looking for a software development company, you want the perfect fit for your project. Some of your top priorities should be to find people who have experience with websites, web applications, and mobile development, who were open to communication with you and your company throughout the project, and who had a work process that was clear. 

When it comes to discussing the project and your expectations, ensure the company you are looking to hire is very open to discussion and willing to make any changes you think would be necessary. And finally, make sure their expertise in website development (or whatever you need) is advanced enough to handle your requests quickly.


Once you have selected several candidates to interview, it is time to schedule meetings and get started! Depending on what exactly you are looking for, this step may be shorter or longer than you expect. Talking with other professionals in the software development field can be helpful to identify companies that suit your specific needs. Once you have interviewed several companies and chosen the one that best fits your project, it's time to make a decision! Weigh the pros and cons of each company so you can feel confident in choosing the right one for your needs.


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Northern California, Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that provides expert, bilingual software engineers to clients for their outsourcing needs. We offer highly skilled software developers at a low cost, and we are focused on excellent customer service and delivering customizable solutions. If your organization is looking to innovate or enhance its software development projects, Bydrec is ready for you. Contact Bydrec by calling (866) 219-7733 or emailing for nearshore software outsourcing you can trust.


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