6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Engineering Projects Works

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Engineering Projects Works (1)

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Engineering Projects Works (1)

As the economy moves towards globalization, more companies will need to step up their game—particularly where software engineering is concerned. They need to work harder to gain a competitive edge over other companies by becoming more efficient, providing stellar customer service, and cutting their overall costs.

How do you cover all of that in a limited amount of time?

If you are looking for an answer, then outsourcing or offshore development might be exactly what you need.

How Outsourcing Helps

A lot of companies around the world have found success in outsourcing software engineering. Globalization is forcing most companies to constantly work hard and improve, and outsourcing helps to achieve that. By taking this route, companies not only reduce their internal costs but also become more focused on their core competencies.

We live in a fast-paced environment where new technologies come and go. This means it’s unlikely that your company will come up with an entire spectrum of technical software within a limited amount of time. In order to keep up with the changing times, many professionals suggest outsourcing your other functions while focusing on your day-to-day business operations.

Outsourcing software engineering offers an effective strategic approach for your company. Through offshore development, you can have a cost-effective operation that reduces your monthly finances and overheads. This allows your firm to give employees more specific tasks to work on.

Outsourcing Models

Outsourcing continues to gain more popularity in the IT industry, with software engineering being one of the most outsourced IT functions. Depending on the budget, time span, and scope, an ideal outsourcing model can help you complete a software engineering project on time.

Here are the two most significant outsourcing models you can choose from:

1. Project-Based Outsourcing

Most companies that adopt this model want to have a dedicated team that can complete a project or set of tasks. The team is expected to finish their work with little to no disruption to the company’s daily operation.

2. Team Augmentation

One of the most prominent outsourcing models to focus on technical skills is the team augmentation method. A team of employees is hired and tasked to support the ongoing development. For instance, you can hire a developer with a specific set of skills who can contribute to some of your high-priority projects.

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Why You Need to Outsource

Still not sure if outsourcing software engineering is for you? Check out these benefits:

1) Reduce or Completely Eliminate Overhead Expenses

When you hire a new team, you increase your overhead expenses. Software resources, office space, operational costs, and reimbursements will constantly minimize your ROI. If you outsource software engineering, all you have to pay for is the worker’s skill set.

Read more about how outsourcing can help minimize your operational costs

2) More Focus on the Final Output

Thorough management is required for scalable projects. Although this is an important matter for an in-house team, it’s not the same for an outsourced development team. An internal team spends a huge amount of time in managing the company’s resources. Outsourced members on the other hand only need to worry about attaining their goal and little else.

In addition, outsourcing needs their management to be a technology partner. A representative from the technology team can reach out to external resources to discuss methods, conduct code reviews, daily scrums, and more.

3) Access to Excellent Talent without Geographical Limits

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Engineering Projects Works1The process of finding great software engineering talent can be difficult, especially if your company is headquartered in an area where not much developers are specializing in the skills you need. Because of those limitations, you can expect delays in project delivery. This, of course, lowers down your client’s confidence in your capability.

Outsourcing software engineering allows you to find and connect with skilled professionals all over the globe. These developers can then coordinate with your team to produce the results you need.

What’s great is that outsourcing also decreases the chances of bad hires, who usually take a lot of resources from the company. Unprofessional workers can get your project out of track because they lack technical and soft skills.

4) Versatile Team of Developers/Software Engineers

Because the tools and technologies for software engineering change so fast, it is a huge challenge for companies to stay updated on what’s new. Many libraries, frameworks, and tools are introduced in the market nowadays, which add an edge to the process of software engineering. How do you keep up?

One word: outsourcing.

When you outsource skilled professionals for specific technologies, the in-house team will have one less thing to worry about. This means you always have short or long-term professionals available, who can code according to the requirements needed by the company. You not only improve project efficacy but also save resources in the long run.

5) Short-Term Projects for Less Amount of Money

At some point, your company may require for a short-term engagement with professionals who specialize in software engineering using specific technologies. Hiring an in-house team will certainly inflate the cost required, which results in a decreased ROI for the project.

Getting team augmentation services allows your company to enjoy the benefits of short-term commitment. Aside from saving costs, it adds flexibility to your development process and efficiency to your core internal team.

6) No More Delays and Faster Delivery of Projects

A well-made output has no use if it’s not delivered on time. That’s why outsourcing is a perfect method if you want your project to be done by the time you need it. Instead of hiring new employees for your in-house team, you can outsource the required skills for a fixed time span. This speeds up the process of development. The external team can work on the components in their skillset, while the internal team is responsible for pacing up the delivery.

Hiring external resources ensures that each stage of the development process is completed within the required timeline. You also get to address challenges and project changes in every step. This makes sure that the final output follows the requirements set by the client.



When outsourcing needs for software engineering, you need to find and evaluate a reliable technology partner who can meet your standards and expectations. If everything works well for your project, you can rely on them in the future for more software engineering projects. Contact Bydrec for more information about outsourcing software developers now!

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