What do Mobile App Developers do?

What do Mobile App Developers do?

In the age of constant connectivity via the Internet, many businesses rely on mobile application development to provide a direct channel of communication between the company and its audience. With mobile apps, companies can promote special sales, engage with their consumers, control their brand image, and collect analytical data. It’s no wonder that more and more companies are going mobile - but it takes time and resources to get there. 

Enter the mobile app developer. Depending on their experience and education, app developers are typically responsible for creating, maintaining, implementing, and updating the source code of mobile apps or platforms in the client’s desired language. The range of duties also includes streamlining and optimizing the software to meet the needs and requirements of their client. 


At Bydrec we know Mobile app developers usually specialize in iOS or Android operating systems. While it is possible to specialize in both, it is uncommon. 

iOS Developers use a development environment called X-Code that provides a range of bug-fixing tools. These developers also use Swift, a programming language for iOs products. This language is typically used for most Apple-supported devices, and it is known for being relatively intuitive to use. 

Android Developers utilize Android Studio, the official integrated development environment for developing Android applications. Android app developers will typically use Java or Kotlin, general-purpose programming languages. 


App developers meet with the marketing team and product designers to synthesize information relating to what the consumer wants or needs. The developers then take this information to update or create new applications that take desired changes into account. Consumers will want to explore content, interact with their brand, and complete tasks within the application. An app developer ensures that they will accomplish all desired tasks within the app without running into obstacles. 


Certain skills lend themselves to the detail-oriented work of an app developer. Higher education is usually characteristic of mobile app developers - most hold at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. In addition to formal education, relevant certifications, courses, or boot camps, a reliable mobile app developer will be highly skilled in: 

  • Knowledge of backend web services 
  • Creativity and brainstorming capability
  • Complex problem solving
  • Coding in several languages, including Java, C++, and HTML 
  • UX/UI design skills 
  • Software and app design

Excellent mobile app developers are key behind-the-curtain experts that bridge the gap between technical backend work and what consumers will see when they login to their mobile devices. If your company is looking to outsource software development services to maximize the potential of your mobile applications, contact us at Bydrec. 

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