4 Top Trends in Agile Development

Agile Development concept

Agile development has been an effective alternative to classical project management. Software developers and decision-makers have seen its value due to its iterative and continuous methodology. Scrum, an expression of agile, has gained popularity in the industry, and so are other agile tools. It has been noted that investing in agile development carries a high rate of return on investment (ROI).

If your business is to attain a competitive edge in the market, you need to renew your commitment towards agile development. It is not enough to follow the path of the agile development process. You need to further understand the trends that have colonized this process, and appreciate the main trends that are going to shape the agile landscape. Better agile practices and best practices, for that matter, will translate to optimal results in both the short and long-term. Here are 4 main trends worth evaluating.

Towards a Formal Structure

Professionals in the industry are seeing a move towards a more formal strategy in the agile development process. For example, the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe 5.0 is a perfect example. However, this is not going to be easy, and it will take time and resources. The efforts, nonetheless, are going to be worth it in the long run. The more formal a business is, the better it operates in terms of productivity and continuity.

The Need for Scaling

Businesses generally record tremendous growth in the course of their operations. Consequently, the need to accommodate more clients defines which solutions are going to be adopted. The agile development process recognizes how important scaling is to meet and exceed a client’s expectations. In the early years of the founding of agile, the Scrum of Scrums (SoS) was recognized for its ability in scaling. Now, other agile solutions have come up that are also known for being friendly to scaling. These include the spotify model, Nexus, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), and Large Scaled Scrum (LeSS). There are other agile solutions under development which are promising.

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The benefits that come with the ability to scale are needed to manage and work with multiple teams. In addition to that, businesses require the ability to make an informed prediction about market events, and prepare themselves in advance.

Agile Project Management

At the moment, most businesses treat project management in the agile development process as optional. This will no longer be the case. The dynamic market will warrant better project management practices as a compulsory process in agile. The global business community has realized this to the extent that the Project Management Professional (PMP) is modifying its curriculum to respond to the market’s needs regarding better project management practices.

There’s a need to implement a system of record here, so companies can manage their clients in a streamlined manner, thereby leading to better business outcomes.

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More Training

Acquiring different skills requires constant training for teams to remain current. This can be done in a formal setting, such as college, on-the-job, or through short virtual courses. Employees working in the industry should seek training in the agile development process to advance their skills. Effective agile transformation requires continued education. This will necessitate the need for training to realize optimal agile objectives.

If you’re looking for agile training, be sure to choose the right training company. Evaluate if they have a license and how long they’ve been in business. Remember that it’s important to translate knowledge into tangible achievements.

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