What to Look For in a Nearshore Development Company

What to Look For in a Nearshore Development Company

A long and profitable business relationship is rewarding, and that is why the number of companies that outsource their IT software development projects to nearshore providers is constantly increasing. One of the customary decisive points when contemplating nearshore partners is looking just at a price. Of course, that is an essential factor, but like everything when you go for long-term relationships, what seems cheap at first glance can often end up costly in the long run. Today nearshore is a lot more to it than just pricing.

As more companies choose to outsource their software development to nearshore providers, Bydrec sees an increasing need to define what a good nearshore software company looks like. Let's look at some of the essential elements in choosing a nearshore software development company.

Communication and Trust

One of the essential qualities that you should look for is having excellent communication with the other side. It helps if you feel confidence and a sense of trust from them. You are looking for a partnership that is going to last for years, hopefully. 

Look for companies that do not hide their employees behind someone else. Companies that build a team with people that you will know by name and can adequately connect with. Set aside that they are from another company, you will want them to feel part of your business and goals.

Company Culture

There is an investment on your part when onboarding someone, and when someone leaves (internal or not), there's always a large piece of knowledge that goes with it. Of course, some situations are outside of your control, and people do eventually leave; it's a natural process. But the goal here is to trust that the team you'll be interacting with is unlikely to suffer sweeping changes regularly, that any replacements or changes in individuals will be minor and part of expected behavior patterns.

Questions to ask:

  • How is the employee churn in the company?
  • How do people grow in their roles?
  • What are the company's challenges concerning people right now?

Long Term

It is easy to find businesses that force each situation to make it easy and cheap in the short term and ignore that some decisions come with high costs further in time.

Questions to ask:

  • What is the average time for a project?
  • How old is your current longest-running project?
  • How is the client churn?

Development is Driven by Business

You want a partner who wants to develop the solution and wants to understand the problem. You want a partner who wants to offer the best solution tailored specifically to your business goals.

Questions to ask:

  • What do you expect from your clients?
  • What do the developers need to do their work?

It's vital to have a good feeling about how your companies will work together. They do not need to be the same as you, but they should strive to follow similar values.

Software Development

Suppose you want to feel the benefits of onboarding developers who understand what efficient collaboration means. Here at Bydrec, we can help you complete your projects within the timeline you set, with the highest quality possible through developers trained on US standards. If you are looking for a nearshore software development outsourcing company, give the team a call on (866) 219-7733 or email at info@bydrec.com

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