Outsourcing - What is the Agile Software Development Process?

What is the Agile Software Development Process

Every development process must go through a methodology to ensure workability of the product and achieve a positive end result. One methodology that Bydrec employs is what is known as and referred to as agile project management or agile scrum. Agile methodology has experienced its genesis in the software development world. When learning about agile project management and how to create a process for it, typically on a document that workers may refer to, it is important to understand that this process should also be treated as a live document. This means that it can and should change over time depending on the nature of the project as well as how it develops. This is what it means to be “agile.” 

To explain the concept of agility further as it pertains to project management, the process itself can adapt as it goes, and as with any creative new endeavor, it will be non-linear. In addition, the nature of the project can also elect the method. Agile methodology is the opposite of what is known as a waterfall approach, which is linear, but means there is no room for change after receiving critical feedback, adapting to new trends, which is inevitable, or gaining better intel as the project evolves. Figuratively speaking, the agile process is a circle that allows for fluid movement back and forth and around as much as possible while new intel is acquired. Contrastingly, the waterfall method is merely a straight line going only in one direction. Therefore, the agile development process is a clear and logical choice for the software development industry and for companies like Bydrec. By nature, software development depends on customer feedback and support to ensure positive customer experience. Read below about why Bydrec uses the agile method and what this means for your next software development project.

Pros of the Agile Methodology

It incorporates the most valuable asset of all: beta feedback.

You wouldn’t cook a new dish and give it to someone without tasting it first. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing whether you oversalted something or you are missing an ingredient entirely. Unfortunately, it is just plain true that one bad experience with your product can result in you losing a customer for life. Feedback during the testing period ensures you include anything a customer might need, and it also ensures that processes are working, the product is of quality, and reliable

It can, and should, involve scrums.

There are many different types of agile development, but a popular option includes daily scrums. A “scrum” is a meeting with key team members, such as the product owner, manager, marketer, lead or senior developer, and even a scrum master. These teams are set in place to review achievements, goals, and obstacles on a daily basis to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and a potential problem is addressed early on. These scrums foster constant, open communication and collaboration over scope, time, and any potential new pivots. This ensures that there is not a miscommunication in the development process, which would lead to mistakes being made and affect a timeline. And, most importantly, scrums ensure that the process between the developer and the product owner is fully transparent.

It's faster.

Although it doesn’t seem like working in a circle is faster, it is. The feedback and scrum features of the agile method makes it so you do not have to start a project over from scratch if the one way you are headed doesn’t work any longer.

Other Ways You Can Benefit from Bydrec’s Agile Project Management Method

We cater to you.

Bydrec will work to understand your product and company objectives, matching you with the correct developer and building a specialized team of experts unique to your needs and goals. 

We communicate with you.

Bydrec works with you to identify a list of everything you need and keep you in the room during the process, every step of the way. This ensures we have satisfied and exceeded your expectations and ensures you have a quality product with happy users.

We provide you with ongoing support.

After the product is completed, our work for you is not over. We aim for quality service, which includes ongoing support in the form of testing, troubleshooting, and answering any questions you might have on a perpetual basis. 

One Possible Example of Agile Methodology

Below you will find just one example of an agile methodology that companies like Bydrec will utilize when developing software, although it is important to remember that even this process will change as the project evolves. Bydrec understands that any process requires the implementer to be nimble and adapt, as well as to recognize when a process needs to diverge. In addition, the process will inherently require a lot of high-level collaboration with the unique needs of the company we are serving. Therefore, any exceptional company knows the following principles to hold true: individuals over processes; customer collaboration; adapting to change.

Step 1:            Project Creation and Identification of Requirements

Step 2:            Develop, Integrate and Test Periods 1, 2, and 3 aka Sprints (or more if needed)

Step 2.1:        Team visits, meetings—scrums (happening in tandem with step 2)

Step 3:            Product Release and Feedback

Step 4:            Review of Feedback and Adjustment

Step 5A:         Accept, Test and Release to Market

Step 5B:         Reject, Record and Incorporate Needed Changes, Adjust, and Repeat Steps 2-4.

Although it has been mentioned that these processes must change, it is also important to have an outline in place to ensure milestones are being met and product quality is maintained.

Agile Software Development

Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that furnishes clients with expert software engineers with full-time software development outsourcing needs. Bydrec has over twenty years of experience and prioritizes productivity and efficiency. If your organization is looking to innovate or enhance its software development projects, American Nearshore is ready for you. Contact Bydrec by calling (866) 219-7733 or emailing info@bydrec.com for nearshore software outsourcing you can trust.

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