Think Like a Global Software Company

Think Like a Global Software Company

Since the software development process is often long and involved, companies like Bydrec utilize a system development life cycle to organize a project with greater efficiency and quality. A system development life cycle (SDLC) is a project management model that employs system development strategies and oversees a project from conception to employment to general maintenance. Any top tier company such as Bydrec understands why cycles of system development are important: they involve feedback, collaboration, address immediate demand, and build toward client demand while reaching as many users as possible. This is what it means to think like a global software company. Read on about how a system development life cycle similar to the one Bydrec uses can lead to a better interface and more viable product. In addition, you will understand how Bydrec’s emphasis on adaptation will aid in your company’s long-term stability and sustainability.

Who is Bydrec?

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Northern California, Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that provides expert, bilingual software engineers to clients for their outsourcing needs. We offer highly skilled software developers at a low cost, and we are focused on excellent customer service and delivering customizable solutions.

The Iterative Method

Unlike a lot of processes, Bydrec uses the agile method for its system development life cycle. Simply put, agile methodology prioritizes ongoing cycles wherein small changes occur between releases. This method means more iterations and more tests, but it helps teams address issues as they come rather than trying to deal with them later during more complex project stages. 

System Development Life Cycle

Below, we break down everything you need to know about the system development life cycle (SDLC) and its stages. In addition, you will learn how your project will benefit from Bydrec’s SDLC. In the SDLC, there are 7 main stages, but it is important to mention that while these processes can evolve and are cyclical, an outline is needed to ensure the product is quality and milestones are being met.


In this stage, Bydrec’s team of software engineers work with your company to identify objectives, set expectations, and address any issues that might stall the project later. Funding and resources are secured in this stage as well. And finally, a project timeline is introduced. This timeline is manageable, clear, and may also involve alternate timelines to cater to any possible contingencies.


The analysis stage will help Bydrec identify what is needed for the new system, including any hardware, software, and software requirement specifications. This is to ensure funding and resources are not overdrawn.


The design stage includes outlining user and network interfaces as well as what programming language will be used. This is a document that Bydrec’s software engineer team will reference throughout the process.


In this stage, Bydrec’s developers write code and build the application. All previous preparation, including documents drawn up prior, should make this stage straightforward.


The testing stage helps Bydrec ensure the user experience is positive from start to finish. This phase can either be short or take some time depending on the complexity of your project.


In this stage, Bydrec will install the working system. After this stage, the software is ready for market.


Bydrec is also present for you in the troubleshooting, support, and improvements stage.

Benefits of Bydrec’s SDLC

Clear Progress

Bydrec works with you to identify a list of everything you need and keep you in the room during the process, every step of the way. This ensures we have satisfied and exceeded your expectations and you have a quality product with happy users.

Goals are Met

Meetings between Bydrec’s team and other key team members, such as the product owner, manager, marketer, and a lead or senior developer, are set in place to review achievements, goals, and obstacles on a daily basis to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and a potential problem is addressed early on. These meetings foster constant, open communication and collaboration over scope, time, and any potential new pivots. This ensures that there is not a miscommunication in the development process, which would lead to mistakes being made and affect a timeline. 

Proper Testing

Unfortunately, one bad experience with your product can result in you losing a customer for life. Our testing and feedback stage ensures we include anything your customer might need, processes are working, and you have a quality, reliable product.


With a proper process in place and all expectations noted and managed, Bydrec’s SDLC remains nimble through any personnel shifts, new intel, or imperative pivots in the process.

Let’s Talk

Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that furnishes clients with expert software engineers with full-time software development outsourcing needs. Bydrec has over twenty years of experience and prioritizes productivity and efficiency. If your organization is looking to innovate or enhance its software development projects, American Nearshore is ready for you. Contact Bydrec by calling (866) 219-7733 or emailing for nearshore software outsourcing you can trust.

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