How To Find Developers In 2021 - 10 Top Tips

How To Find Developers In 2021

Finding software developers is a difficult and time-consuming task for any company. In 2021, the rise of remote work has made finding talented employees more challenging than ever before. Hiring includes going through extensive hiring processes that can take months or even years just to find someone qualified enough! So, if you're looking out into cyberspace wondering where your next superstar coder might come from, then be sure to check our list below for finding developers.

Look everywhere

To find great engineers you have to look everywhere - this includes finding them through social media, finding them at events, and finding them on the street!  There is no specific channel that will give you great hires - finding talent requires creativity! A lot of developers attend meetups or conferences, so finding them there might be a way to find good employees.

Ask for referrals from other engineers

Referrals are an excellent source of finding new employees - they often work out better than most hiring practices. The reason is simple: both parties know that this person really wants to work with their company (some refer to it as “job fit”). People who are referred by someone else are also likely to have more skills compared to applicants for programming jobs. It's important to not highlight the fact that you are 'referral-only' - this might scare away other great applicants! 

Appeal to your audience's values

When finding good developers, it's important that they feel like the company and its products match their personal beliefs and values. This is especially true when finding software engineers with a strong sense of social responsibility. People who do not share the same set of social values as your organization should not be hired at all. For example, companies in the technology industries often care about finding employees who want to make an impact on society. You can assess whether someone has such values by asking them questions during job interviews - for example: "Do you consider yourself lucky?" or "What would you do if your boss did something harmful?"

Be efficient

Having an extremely efficient hiring process is another way to make people apply for employment at your company. You do not want an overly complicated application process. It's important that finding hires goes fast - this will often encourage people to join the company.

Excite them with challenging projects

Another great thing about software engineers is that they are usually motivated when facing challenges. This applies particularly when finding software engineers! It is important to imply that your company will give them challenging tasks that will help them grow, not stay stagnant in their roles. This will help you find employees who feel fulfilled by completing interesting tasks at their job. 

Find good developers in unexpected places

According to research, finding software engineers is easier when finding out-of-the-box strategies. Indeed, the more you deviate from standard methods for finding talent - the better you are likely to find them! For example, it's extremely important that people feel respected during the hiring process. This means that you should show respect for applicants during interviews or phone conversations even if they don't have much experience or educational background. 

Make them feel successful before joining your company

Finding good developers is more likely when you reach out to them about their amazing work beforehand. This might mean you find a freelance engineer’s website and tell them you admire their work and drive and would like them to join your team. If you are able to find potential employees on social media or on Stackoverflow, you could start a conversation early about potential employment and build a rapport. 

Build a strong brand for your company

Another thing that increases the likelihood of finding good engineers is building up a strong brand name for your organization. A clear and well-known brand can help because it makes applying just as easy as finding out about the company. This might be true even if you don't have an HR department looking after recruiting processes 24/7.

Hire people with the right attitude

There are different types of work ethic that you should consider when finding employees: 

People who have self-confident, independent personalities are most suitable as they tend to make the best employees over time. Additionally, these personality traits correlate positively with job performance and on-the-job initiative; thus we can expect these traits to also be linked with finding the right employees. 

People who are highly-driven by status tend to work very hard just for their own sake of raising their social standing. On the other hand, people who are driven by achieving mastery work hard in order to learn new things and improve themselves. We can expect these personality traits to correlate positively with finding talented software engineers since they are constantly improving themselves through learning new technologies or finding new ways to solve problems. These people will increase your company's competitiveness on the market!     

Outsource to Bydrec

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