Avoid the Pains of Offshore Software Development and Go Nearshore

Avoid the Pains of Offshore Software Development and Go Nearshore.jpg

Avoid the Pains of Offshore Software Development and Go Nearshore.jpg

If there’s one thing I hear about offshoring from clients, again and again, is “if something goes wrong, what can we do?!” Outsourcing software development to a distant country, to developers who don’t speak your language, might be tempting when you see the price, but frightening when you consider what could go wrong.

And yet, when most companies need to outsource software development, offshoring is still one of the most popular options. When onshore opportunities are becoming increasingly costly and difficult for small businesses and startups to access. Going offshore seems to be the only choice, and yet in so many cases, it doesn’t work out.

Why Offshore Isn’t Working

Offshore development is popular because it’s available at a fraction of the cost of onshore software development. Offshore developers’ skills may seem to meet your requirements, but it’s what they don’t tell you that makes offshoring painful down the track.

Some of the things that clients have mentioned to me that they’ve struggled with when it comes to offshoring are:
  • Poor English – Offshore developers may have limited or poor English skills, and this immediately sets your project back. If you can’t describe or explain what you need, it’s going to be impossible to achieve it.
  • Incongruent Time Zones – If none working (or waking) hours align between you and your offshore company, it’s going to make working together towards the same goal hard.
  • Commitment to Timeframes – If you pay less for your development, it might mean less programming power for your project. Without the communication or control, your offshore project could lag way behind before you even realize it.
  • Difference of Culture – Differences between culture can make working together more complicated and difficult than it needs to be, particularly when it comes to expectations.

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How We Do Nearshore Differently

Nearshore software development is the ideal way to balance the economic benefits of offshoring with the quality benefits of onshore development. At Bydrec, we’ve taken a close look at the nearshore software development industry and developed a unique approach that provides a wealth of benefits to our clients, without the drawbacks.

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  • Based in Colombia – Our location puts us in the same or a similar time zone to the U.S., so our working hours are aligned with U.S.-based companies, and we can quickly and effortlessly communicate. Our culture is also similar to the U.S., meaning we understand what you need out of your software, and how to best deliver those solutions to you.
  • Better Communication – As fluent or native English speakers, our communication skills are unbeatable. With all advanced modes of communication available to us, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to reach us anytime you need to talk.
  • Commitment To Excellence – At Bydrec we don’t just develop software – we make it great. Rather than mechanically completing a project, we can innovate and adapt to whatever you need. Whether you need a head engineer or additional programming talent for your existing team, quality assurance and testing for your new software, or a team built from scratch, we can even offer server administration from experienced software engineer, for optimum performance. Providing all this and more, ensure you get exactly what you require and nothing you don’t.

Nearshoring provides the ideal option for the discerning company who wants quality software development without the hassle or hefty price tag. To put together a custom solution for your project, get in touch with me today to set up a meeting.



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