The Top Agile Methodology Interview Questions to Ask

The Top Agile Methodology Interview Questions to Ask

Every development process must go through a methodology to ensure workability of the product and achieve a positive end result. One methodology is what is known as and referred to as agile methodology, or agile project management. By nature, software development depends on customer feedback and support to ensure positive customer experience. The agile process itself can adapt as it goes, and as with any creative new endeavor, it will be non-linear. Therefore, the agile development process is a clear and logical choice for the software development industry and for companies like ByDrec. If you have to hire for a special software service, there is some vetting to consider doing before hiring a specialty software engineer. Below you will read about some questions to ask about agile methodology while making your decision, and you can learn how Bydrec will make this decision easy and the process smooth.

Make sure they can simply articulate their strategy and process

A great company can describe their step-by-step process in plain, clear, and succinct wording. It indicates they have not only considered their strategy and process, but that they have implemented it many times with success. It indicates they are organized and can keep their process communicated to you and transparent. And finally, this gives you a bit of intel about their strategy and process and will answer whether it will work for you. 

Next, you might ask if processes change or pivot at any time and how that decision is made and by whom. You might also want to ask if strategies will differ depending on the service. It is important to know if a company is able to remain nimble and flexible and see the value in pivoting when needed. Retrospect and open communication should be key to their process and strategy. It is also important to know whether a pivot or redirect will change outcomes, resources, or timeline.

Ask how they are dedicated to the success of the team

It is a good idea to do a little bit of prodding and research into the company culture. An organized, diverse company with happy employees will serve you better than a frantic or disjointed one. Some things you might consider are whether they have weekly meetings for open communication and whether the company supports professional and career development. This will help you know if they care about mentoring and team advancement and whether they are up to date on their industry. In addition, ask to speak to one of the engineers. Do they seem satisfied or do you sense any low energy or morale? 

Company background also goes beyond the employee experience, as you will want to know if the engineer chosen for your job will be effective. How are engineers held accountable? Will the team built for you be diverse enough for your needs? Ask about the level of trust in the team high, or whether you feel like there is too much micromanaging.

Check their expertise

This tip might seem obvious, but most software engineers and companies will have a specific area of expertise and might not necessarily have the skills you are looking for. You would not want to hire a cloud solutions engineering company to develop a mobile app, since there will not be a substantial amount of experience in the field to get the work done. If it is a mobile application you need, make sure the company has a portfolio that not only indicates, but proves, they have successfully developed viable mobile applications. The next tip will go in to how to verify proven expertise. Also, it is important to note that a reputable company, like OSI, will likely have a diverse portfolio to reach a number of software development needs. 

Ask for a reference

As in any hiring process, checking references is an important stage in ensuring you hire smartly. An excellent software engineering company will by now have a list of happy clients, so do not be afraid to ask them if you can get in touch with someone they have worked for recently. If they can readily give you a list of companies and names of point persons to contact, this is a good sign that they have built up a repertoire and can confidently back their work. 

Most importantly, be sure to ask for references from clients they have given a similar service to. So, if you need a mobile app developed, ask them for specific clients they have done this work for in the past. This will certify they have experience with the work needed and can do it correctly. If they can only give you a list of references outside of the work you need, this could signal a red flag. It could mean they do not have the area of expertise you need, or it could mean they do not have a happy client in that area. This information could be all you need to start looking elsewhere.

ByDrec is a Team of Experts in the Field

Since ByDrec is a nearshore company, that means we have a high level of expertise in the software development market. Chances are you have an HR department that is not accustomed to hiring for a software developer, so they might not know what questions to ask on a job application or who to look for. ByDrec has done the hiring for you, and will put together an organic team of experts designed especially for your project. There is no burden of guessing on your part, and no lost time. In addition, you will not have spent weeks hiring the wrong person, as we can pull from our own pool of professionals and identify the correct person to get the job done correctly the first time. The feedback features of ByDrec’s agile project management method makes it so you do not have to start a project over from scratch if the one way you are headed doesn’t work any longer.

In addition, ByDrec will work with you on a timeline that makes sense and get to work right away. ByDrec works with you to identify a list of everything you need and keep you in the room during the process, every step of the way. This ensures we have satisfied and exceeded your expectations and you have a quality product with happy users.

How Our Software Development Methodologies Will Meet your Needs

ByDrec will work to understand your product and company objectives, matching you with the correct developer and building a specialized team of experts unique to your needs and goals. The guessing game with hiring the right talent does not fall on your shoulders. Secondly, ByDrec works with you to identify a list of everything you need and keep you in the room during the process, every step of the way. This ensures we have satisfied and exceeded your expectations and ensures you have a quality product with happy users. We keep the level of communication open and the entire process is transparent from start to finish. This eliminates any waste of time or funding. And finally, after the product is completed, our work for you is not over. We aim for quality service, which includes ongoing support in the form of testing, troubleshooting, and answering any questions you might have on a perpetual basis. In other words, we stay loyal to our product, unlike an employee who can leave at any time.

We Can Help

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Northern California, Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that provides expert, bilingual software engineers to clients for their outsourcing needs. We offer highly skilled software developers at a low cost, and we are focused on excellent customer service and delivering customizable solutions. Contact Bydrec by calling (866) 219-7733 or emailing for nearshore software outsourcing you can trust.

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