Why you Need to Update your Software Regularly

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Software updates can seem annoying. The constant pop-ups and reminders appearing at the most inconvenient times can lead you to slam the ‘close’ button without a second thought.

But beware if you do. The unfortunate reality is that delaying those updates (or worse, never doing them at all) can actually have major consequences. At best, you are missing out on features those updates could provide and at worst, you are opening your computer up to increased security risks. Regularly updating software is important for everyone, especially companies and small businesses who face bigger threats. Here’s why you need to update your software regularly, especially if you’ve been putting it off.

New Security Threats Present New Dangers

Your computer and software were designed with protections against the threats that existed when they were made. But hackers are always thinking of new ways to infiltrate others’ computers. As software is developed, cyber criminals are already researching and dissecting the software to look for weaknesses they can exploit. Software updates are designed to combat against these attacks, and constantly improve and adapt in an environment where security innovation quickly becomes obsolete. However, if you never update your software, your security never gets updated either, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

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Your Valuable Data Could Be Lost

Valuable Data Could Be lost - Computer Hacker.jpgThe accessibility and ease of use of digital technology has meant that so much of our personal and business data is now on our computer or online. This makes storing and searching for documents so much easier, but it also provides a very tempting collection of information for cyber criminals and hackers. Your data could not only be stolen, it could also be held ransom or deleted entirely from your hard drive through malware that has infiltrated your computer. Losing valuable data or having it stolen is terrible on a personal level and can be catastrophic for businesses.

You Could Pass Malware on to Others

Even if you’ve decided your documents are not important enough to warrant updating your software, your failure to update could be putting others at risk. Malware can easily spread from computer to computer through various means, such as someone you interact with online through email, or through a shared network in a home or business. If you run a business, leaving even one computer in your network without updates makes your entire system vulnerable.

How to Avoid Update Issues

We get that updating software can be a hassle. But failing to update your software can leave you in a far worse situation.

If regularly updating your computer is outside the scope of your technical skills or you’re just a forgetful person, an outsourcing software development company can actually manage your software updates for you. This is especially beneficial if you are a business owner who already has enough to think about in the day to day running of your business. Not only do you save time to devote to your work, you can also avoid the stress and difficulty associated with a security breach or software failure. Outsourcing software updates to a development company is an investment that pays off in better results and outcomes for your business.

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With the knowledge and experience to assess both your software needs and your business goals, a software development company like Bydrec is the ideal choice to manage your upgrades and save you the hassle of popups and security breaches.

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