Why Should Your Small Business Outsource Software Development?

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Running a small business is so much more than a job. It’s a big investment of time, energy, passion, and livelihood. As a small business owner, you may be attending to many different aspects of your business in the space of one day. Small business owners can often feel stretched thin by the scope and volume of work they have to attend to, often alone. That’s where outsourcing can be incredibly useful to contribute the additional work power you need to support your small business, without bringing in more employees.

Software development is one area that most small business owners are not proficient in, and outsourcing software development is a great option to get the help you need for the duration of the project you’re working on. Here are the top 3 reasons you should outsource software development for your small business.

Less Work to Manage

If you are running a small business, chances are you already have a lot to manage in terms of staff, product, overheads, assets, accounts, and all those other details that go along with being a business owner. Hiring an in-house software developer can turn into ‘just one more thing to manage’, which does not necessarily provide any benefit over outsourcing. Bringing a software developer onto the payroll means ensuring you have a salary to pay them, resources and space to support them, and future work lined up for them.

If you really just need a software developer for one specific project, outsourcing is by far the best option. When you outsource, you can leave the work of managing and supporting software development to a group of experienced professionals, rather than trying to handle it all on your own. You can even have a whole team of top software developers working for you, without the cost, overhead, and responsibility. Not to mention, you save the time of recruiting and hiring new employees. Outsourcing gives your small business much better results, with less work for you.


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Even after all the work it takes to hire and set up your own software development team, it would take a while for your team to get oriented to the project and really get going. The team would have to plan start dates, get to know one another, figure out how to work together, and then tackle your projects. This could be a major impediment to getting your software development started quickly.

When you outsource, you are handing your project to a team that already knows one another and knows how to dive into a new project with energy and creativity. Working on project after project is what outsourcing software developers do, so they know how to quickly orient themselves to another company’s goals to achieve the best outcome. They also already know each other and how to best work together to achieve a truly outstanding result, without you having to put the time and effort into project management and planning.

Top Talent on the Cheap

One of the greatest benefits of software development outsourcing is the cost-effectiveness. As a small business, you might not have the budget or requirements that big companies have. However, outsourcing offers you access to the same scale and power of having your own software development department, minus the hefty price tag. When you outsource you save on hiring costs, office space, overhead, payroll, and employee benefits. Instead, you pay for exactly what you want and need, and only when you need it done.

However, the beauty of outsourcing is that despite the cost savings, you will not be sacrificing any quality. When you outsource, you are often getting top talent, who will want to work hard to turn you into a repeat customer. Outsourced software developers also have a lot of experience working with a range of different skills on a diversity of projects, which means you get a great group of developers, who are generally enthusiastic about the work they do.

Outsourcing your software development has so much to offer to your small business, so talk to Bydrec today about finding the ideal software development outsourcing solution to match your unique company needs.

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