Why Should an HR Department Outsource Their Software Development Team?

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Securing the best software developers can be difficult and an ongoing process for the HR department. You have to develop a job post, identify evaluation criteria, conduct interviews, perform reference checks, make offers to top candidates, and negotiate their hiring terms. This entire process becomes much more difficult when you are hiring for a position that you know very little or nothing about and where competition is fierce.

Most HR teams don’t share the technical knowledge base, training, or even technical language of software developers, which is why hiring the best talent can be such a challenge. For this reason, many HR departments outsource their software development team building to recruiters that know the field and can most easily assess and identify the top candidate. Here's why you should outsource your software development team recruitment.

Saved Time

The biggest advantage of outsourcing your software development recruiting is the time you will save. Any HR team member knows that all the small and not so small tasks associated with a candidate selection take time and add up to lots of time over the course of the search. Each task will take even longer when you are searching for a skill set that might be quite outside your area of expertise.

Not to mention, at the end of that process, you might lose your perfect developer to another job! Outsourcing software develop saves precious time for your HR team. A software development outsourcing company takes care of the entire recruitment process, including putting together the right job description, selection criteria, interview questions and more. You get to go straight to the shortlist of the best candidates for your position.

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best software developers .jpgBetter Candidates

When you perform your own software development team search, you may not know exactly where to advertise, and you may not have the right network of connections to reach the top candidates. In contrast, recruiters do know where to place those ads to draw attention from the best potential candidates. They also have a network of connections they can work through to build an applicant pool.

Recruiters will also be able to talk to top candidates with a common language. They will be able to build a relationship to assess the fit between the candidates and the position best. The recruiters will also be more adept at connecting with and attracting those top software development candidates. A software development outsourcing company understands what type of offers and hiring package will ultimately appeal to the chosen candidate, so you attract, and keep the best.

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Greater Success

The hiring process can be expensive and time-consuming. When companies conduct a search, interview candidates, and make efforts to appeal to top candidates, the goal is to hire someone who will stay with the job once hired. Yet software developers are some of the least likely candidates to stay with a company through the hiring process, let along long term. Working with an outsourcing software development company means you reach out to the best software developers on their level, increasing the chances of interest in your position through the application process, and in the long term. Given the software development outsourcing company’s ability to assess candidates’ skill and fit, appeal to the top candidates, and help make the right offer to those candidates, the process is more likely to yield more successful outcomes.

Don’t waste your company and HR team’s time with unsuccessful hiring methods for software developers. Instead, choose a software development outsourcing company like Bydrec to select and shortlist the best candidates for your job.  


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