Why is UX Design Important?

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Why is UX Design Important.jpg

UX (User Experience) design in software development is the process of creating products, content, devices, and software that people will find meaningful, relevant, and easy to use. At its best, UX design results in a product that gives the user a positive emotional experience.

Why you Need to Think About UX Design

Many people tend to think of technology as emotionally neutral, or even cold and sterile. But the reality is that technology does elicit many emotions, and sometimes negative ones, such as frustration, when it does not work correctly or is difficult to use. When designing for a positive emotional experience, software developers want to help users avoid any feelings of frustration. This positive emotional experience helps to build and maintain a customer base. Careful design that considers usability, consumer reactions, branding, design, and integration are all parts of UX design.

UX designers start by considering potential customers and their needs. In doing so, it helps them to set goals, precisely target the appropriate audience, improve content creation, as well as increase cash flow and efficiency. Learn more about each of these benefits:

Setting Goals

When implementing UX design, these principles can help you set goals for what you want to accomplish. For example, consider a business website that has multiple contact paths for customers to ask questions. If customers are unsure how to follow those ways, they may become frustrated and disengage. This business now has a goal: make it easier for clients to follow the various contact paths.

Solid UX design can address that goal. By making changes to the website (such as making the design intuitive), they will improve the flow of communication between potential clients and customer service.

content creation UX design .jpgTarget Audience

Once you identify your design goals, you can focus on designing for your targeted audience. Using the previous example, a UX designer would do customer research with surveys and perhaps even focus groups. The UX designer will want to learn how they can make the website more intuitive and easier for customers to use correctly. In the example from above, the UX designer wants to make the contact paths clear. Surveys and research may help them understand what the potential customer needs for those paths to be clear (for example, it could be wording, specific colors, or different icons).

Content Creation

Knowing your goals and your audience will allow you to identify what exactly people are looking for when they visit your site or use your app or software. This information will influence the structure and content of these products. By knowing what people are looking for, you can create engaging and relevant content. In the previous example, with successful UX design implementation, a UX designer would likely improve the visual content and layout to make contact paths clearer for potential customers.

Cash Flow and Efficiency

Like most things in the business world, every step of software development is done for efficiency and to increase profits. Making smart choices with UX design will give your site, app, or software a longer shelf life, increase repeat customers, and improve your bottom line. In the example of improved contact paths, when customers can more easily have their questions answered, they are more likely to engage with the site, purchase any products for sale, return in the future, and recommend the product to others. This means the investment in UX design could have a significant financial return for your business.

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