When is it Best to Use SDLC Waterfall Model?

SDLC Waterfall Model

In a day and age where technology is part of everything people engage in, software development has become a key component for improving our lives. SDLC Waterfall Model is one of the approaches used for software development. Aside from being the pioneer SDLC model, software engineering experts choose it because it’s easy to understand and use. So, when is it right for your team? Here are the signs that Waterfall is the right fit for your project.

When the Concept is Fully Understood

The SDLC Waterfall Model is best used when the teams or persons involved in the project understand its whole concept. It is easy to use a model that doesn’t have complicated procedures. Although it’s fairly simple to comprehend, it doesn’t end there. Do you think that Waterfall can benefit your team? Will it speed up the process? Is it convenient? If you answered “yes” to most of the questions, then you’re on the right track.

When There’s Little Risk

Once you’re certain that there’s a low risk to implementing the SDLC Waterfall Model, this is the best one to use. For instance, if you’re sure that your team can deliver the product without returning to previous stages of the model, or if the project doesn’t require constant involvement from the customer, you may consider implementing Waterfall.

When There’s Stability

The Waterfall model is the right choice for projects that don't require simultaneous changes. Let’s face it, some deliverables require revisions. And if you’re going to use Waterfall, it’s not worth it. Make sure that the requirements are set and stable so the end-product can be met accordingly, and on time.

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When Requirements are Clearly Stated

The requirements for your tech project have to be clear for you to use this approach. Any ambiguity will cause further issues and, of course, you won’t achieve the optimal results you’re looking for. If you’re sure that there would be no conflicts within your team and the customer, you can go ahead and use the SDLC Waterfall Model to manage the different aspects of your project.

When the Project is Short and Low Cost

Is your project short and low cost? If so, the best approach to use for your software development is the SDLC Waterfall Model. A simple, low-budget project is easy to manage, so the requirements aren’t that complicated to understand and achieve. Waterfall is best for projects that rely on a straightforward model.

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Key Takeaway

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