Top Software Testing Trends in 2021

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It is essential to keep an eye on emerging technologies and trends as modern testing solutions evolve like never before. Let's look at some of the latest software testing trends for 2021. 

Agile Methodology

Agile are practices centered around the idea of constant development, where specifications and solutions proceed through cross-teaming and communication. Agile is also becoming one of the fastest adopted trends in testing.

Test Automation 

Test automation testing developments involve the use of tools to aid testing. An InfoWorld survey found that 88% of businesses that automate over 50% of their tests go through faster testing cycles, 71% have increased test coverage, and 68% can capture bugs in time. 

Testing a Mobile App 

The Kobiton report says, enterprises are ready to assign more budgets to mobile app testing.  About seventy-nine percent mentioned that they would invest more in mobile app testing in 2021, while another seventy percent want to improve their testing headcount.

Demand For IoT And Big Data Testing

Interconnected devices are going to witness a sharp upturn in the coming year. Internet of Things (IoT) testing and test strategies have become a must with the proliferation of connected devices. IoT testing uses leading-edge technologies as the software is in-built into the IoT devices. 

Role Of Blockchain Testing

Blockchain has been making its mark in almost every industry as organizations worldwide struggle to deal with stacks of information securely. Guaranteeing security is critical to the success of blockchain applications. In 2021, businesses will need to ensure security, scalability, and high-performance as blockchain testing will become mission-critical to change the digital trust. 

Security And Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity testing is gaining impetus in QA and software tests. It makes sure that the damage is minimal if downtime occurs and provides an in-depth analysis of organizational security to make sure hackers don't exploit security vulnerabilities. Security tests identify the weak points prone to cyber thefts or attacks, and security will be the top priority in 2021.

Adoption Of DevOps Help QA Teams Develop Quality Products

As in Agile testing, DevOps also blurs those elements that keep the development and operations team apart. In 2021, DevOps will become more refined in its methods by adopting different tools and technologies. With testing in DevOps, testers won't be confined to functional testing or feature verification. They have started getting involved in operations testing, necessary security testing, and performance testing too. 

Not A Definitive List

These software testing trends are likely to develop, QA teams have to brace for what lies in the future. Automation and the use of AI are redefining the ways testers conduct their tests. Some tests can't be automated. Manual testing is still a required test method for a lot of QA teams.

Implementing the latest testing protocols into your project is no easy task. If you need further help and guidance, work with the experts. Bydrec provides software testing services to organizations that want to incorporate the latest in testing strategy. Call us at 888-864-3124 for more information.

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