5 Things to Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development

outsourcing your software development

You already know that outsourcing software development has multiple benefits, but it also comes with challenges. The fact is, 70% of companies plan to increase their use of outsourcing, according to the National Outsourcing Association. The acceptance of software development using agile methodology will only continue to grow and whether you have knowledge of outsourcing or you're considering it for the first time, widespread concerns can hold you back. Despite that fact, challenges arise in the pursuit of finding a skillful, agile methodology development team, but a vendor that has the required experience and can deliver on time. 

In this article, we explore crucial mistakes to avoid when looking for software development outsourcing suppliers. More projects can quickly lead to more issues if companies don't understand the pitfalls to avoid and the truth behind them. If you're considering outsourcing or want to streamline the process, it's critical to address these fears now before they become a reality on a project.

The secret of your online venture success lies in hiring talented software developers, period. The ask is how to find them and set the workflow right. Principally, most research should be done at the time of the initial interview. The rest will come from actual communication with a vendor, such as Bydrec

Here are our 5 things to avoid when outsourcing software development:

1) Lack of proper research – or choosing a vendor without any market research and reference checks

Most startups base their outsourcing decision solely based on cost-efficiency. Indeed, the cost factor plays an important role, but it's far not the only one. Other things that matter are how your vendor functions in the market and feedback and reviews, portfolio, and expertise. It goes without saying that if you need to scale your technical team from 40 to 70 or have a 3-year roadmap, you should take your time and do the proper research.


2) Miscommunications

Before commencing any collaboration, you must discuss the milestones and the approval system as well. Your vendor must precisely understand what you want to find the most effective ways to implement your idea. Business owners often outsource their web or app development projects without a complete understanding of what needs to be done. If you only have a vague idea of your project, it becomes quite complicated to set precise requirements to others and evaluate whether the process is going right.

The solution is to make sure you understand your project needs well and answer questions and give helpful feedback throughout the workflow.

Please don't underestimate the importance of communication. Here are several things your primary outsourcing app development company should sketch out:

  • the exact profile of target audience you're aiming at
  • main features of your iOS, Android, or web app
  • technologies that you want to be used in the app development
  • business objectives of the organization
  • design details and examples of existing applications that you like

3) Testing, Testing, and Testing

You should be testing your project while underway. It is vital to guarantee that your final project is substantial and functions just the way it should. A tester should be involved in the development from the very beginning. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter lots of bugs in the end product. So, ensure that your software is appropriately tested. Whatever you're building, testing should be an integral part of software development from the very beginning. Quality Assurance should ideally be done by the same company that collaborates with you for your development projects.

4) Little understanding of the project costs

One of the primary motivations for outsourcing is to save software production costs. Although essential, it can threaten your project if not well handled. In most cases, inexperienced developers charge cheaper rates. Here is the golden rule: 

Always Put Experience Over Cost

It is sensible to avoid too cheap software development agencies and vendors. The result is that you may risk poor quality or total failure of your project. For this reason, it is good to opt for the milestone payment system. Ensure that the plan you get from your prospective development partner emphasizes a breakdown of the cost in a standard and formal manner. Moreover, don't forget to work out details like taxes, applicable duties, or third-party charges to the transactions.

5) Avoid Short Term Partnerships

Signing a short-term agreement makes your software project liable to be done hastily, intending to deliver it fast. The danger here is the omission of essential development details or an inaccurate view of your business goals. As a result, you risk having software of poor quality. Besides that, such projects end as a one-off rather than a lasting business relationship. Remember, it is wise to look for a long-term partnership for outsourcing any software development project that might arise. You tend to win by building a lasting relationship together with the software. Besides, a friendly relationship is good for business and partnership. It strengthens commitments and agreements.

No one region is worse than others, but it is necessary to check that your outsourcing partner meets your expectations on issues beyond technicalities – such as legal & compliance risks, working ethics, cultural differences, broadband capacity, and above all a timezone close to your own. You can avoid all the pitfalls of outsourcing software development by choosing a vendor that most suits your requirements. At Bydrec, we know outsourcing provides the means to meet up with demands for software creation and updating it. Notably, it is the reason why clients stay with us and not for a one-off project but recurring long-term projects.

Let's Talk

Outsourcing is an effective way to supplement talent and get more work done faster. The key to doing it well is understanding the pitfalls and what it takes to keep the project on track. Don't make the common mistake that companies often make while looking to outsource app development; expect the impossible.

If you're looking to start a project or need a team to augment your in-house developers, we can help. Contact the Bydrec team at: (866) 219-7733, or you can email the team at info@bydrec.com

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