The 13 Best Reasons to Hire a Tech Recruiter

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Why is hiring a tech recruiter the best decision you can make as a CTO? Because it’s one of the most strategic and impactful hiring decisions you can make to accelerate your team’s performance. As a CTO who is in charge of finding talent, you have so much on your plate — sourcing qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, reviewing resumes, writing job descriptions and more. You need someone to take away some of that stress and focus on what really matters: getting high-quality applicants in front of interviewers as fast as possible. A tech recruiter does just that by focusing on building relationships with trusted sources, identifying and authenticating top talent for your open positions, and tailoring search strategies to source exactly who you want to hire. Read more to learn why hiring a tech recruiter is a brilliant move for your company.

What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

A good technical recruiter will source candidates who are a great cultural fit and have the technical skills to succeed in the role. They should work to understand the culture of your company and have a keen eye for identifying candidates who will succeed in your open positions. This means a recruiter should ask questions like: What type of person do you need to hire? How do you envision this person fitting in with your team? What traits are you looking for in your candidates? Additionally, a technical recruiter should be able to help you source passive candidates. Passive candidates are people who are not actively seeking a new opportunity, which means you have the advantage in sourcing these individuals because you’re not competing with other companies who are also trying to hire.

Recruiters Understand the Market

Recruiters understand how the hiring market operates. They know how to identify the best companies to target for your open positions. They know which companies have the right culture, mission, and team environment to attract the best candidates. As a CTO, you probably rely on word of mouth to get new candidates in the door. But if you’re like many tech leaders, you likely don’t have the time to build that reputation and create the connections necessary to attract top talent. A tech recruiter understands how to build relationships with different hiring managers, decision makers, and influencers in the industry. That means they know the best hiring managers to connect with to promote your open positions. They know how to build relationships with the right people in order to get your open positions in front of the right talent.

They Understand Your Needs

A tech recruiter knows your company’s needs and will be able to identify the best talent for your open positions. The best recruiters are very knowledgeable about the companies they work with and understand the different cultures, technologies, and backgrounds of the talent they work with. In order to bring the best talent to your open positions, a recruiter needs to understand your company’s needs. This means they have researched your company, your product, your mission, and your culture. They understand your hiring needs and the type of talent you need to fill your open roles.

You've Hit a Hiring Ceiling

A significant portion of hiring is finding and attracting the best talent. If you’re currently relying on word of mouth to attract candidates, you’ve hit a hiring ceiling. In order to attract top talent, you need to get your open positions in front of the right people. You need to be able to scale the hiring process so you can efficiently find and attract the best talent. That’s why many CTOs turn to a tech recruiter who can help scale their hiring process.

They Guide You to the Hard to Find, Highly Specialized Talent

As a CTO, it’s likely you’ve either been sourcing or will need to source hard-to-find talent. This might include finding data scientists, machine learning engineers, data analysts, data engineers, robotics engineers, cyber security experts and more. The best tech recruiters will have a network of talent they can target and reach out to. More importantly, they will have relationships with people in these fields. This enables a tech recruiter to find the right people, connect them with your open positions, and help you hire these hard-to-find candidates.

Nearshore Outsourcing is the New Wave

As a CTO, you may have considered outsourcing part or all of your hiring efforts. You may have even outsourced some parts of your recruiting process, such as sourcing candidates or managing your hiring funnel. If you’ve considered outsourcing your hiring efforts, a tech recruiter has invaluable insight into managing an outsourced hiring team. A recruiter who has experience with outsourcing will know what to expect in terms of costs, timing, and quality of results.

They Understand the Hiring Process

A great tech recruiter will understand the hiring process. They will understand that it’s not just about filling your open positions. A recruiter who understands the hiring process will help you onboard the best candidates, get them integrated into your company, and then help you build a stronger team. They know the best practices related to sourcing, interviewing, screening, and hiring. They understand what it takes to hire great talent, onboard that talent, and integrate them into your company culture.

Hiring the Right People is the Most Important Thing You Can Do

When you decide to bring on new talent to your team, you’re not just hiring them for a job — you’re hiring them for your company culture. You have to make sure that the person you bring in is a good fit for your team and can do the job. A bad hire can sink morale, increase turnover and cost your organization millions. But the right hire can bring your team together, expand employee potential and strengthen your brand. It can help you scale your organization faster and reach new heights.

Recruiting Takes Up Time

You do not have a lot of time to spend sourcing, scheduling, and interviewing potential candidates. It leaves little time to manage your existing employees — let alone find the time to focus on the big-picture goals of your organization. Hiring the best tech talent will help you achieve those goals faster, which means the time you currently spend recruiting can be put toward more strategic initiatives. Plus, when you have the best people on your team, you spend less time dealing with turnover, onboarding and training.

Tech Recruiters Have a Wide Network of Sourcing Sources

Like we said, you don’t have to build and manage a sourcing strategy yourself. There are hundreds of sourcing sources you can tap into, but you don’t have time to find them all. Tech recruiters have relationships with top talent from across the industry. They know where to look and what to say to get qualified candidates in the pipeline. And they can focus on building relationships with the people that matter to your organization — not just anyone who responds to a job posting.

You Don’t Have to Build And Manage a Sourcing Strategy Yourself

If you were to build a sourcing strategy from scratch, it would take time away from other important initiatives. You would have to find the right publications, manage posting schedules and make sure your ads keep up with trends in the industry. And you would have to constantly adjust that strategy to adapt to a constantly-shifting hiring landscape. With a tech recruiter, you get access to a sourcing strategy that is already proven to be effective. It’s been tested and refined to make sure that it’s bringing in the right type of people for your job openings.

Tech Recruiters Know What It Takes to Find Great Talent

You need someone who has the know-how to not only find great candidates, but also make sure they’re a good fit for your organization. A tech recruiter has insight into what your hiring manager looks for — they know the type of people you want on your team and they know how to authenticate them. When you work with a tech recruiter, you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing and they’ve got your best interests in mind.

A Tech Recruiter Only Brings Qualified Applicants to The Table

There are no risks involved in working with a recruiter. You know exactly who you’re bringing to the table. They’ve already been vetted and authenticated. A tech recruiter will only bring you qualified candidates who are a good fit for your organization. A tech recruiter only brings you qualified candidates. There’s no risk of them bringing you someone who isn’t qualified to work at your company.

The More You Work with a Recruiter, The Better They’ll Understand Your Business

As you build a relationship with your tech recruiter, they will start to understand your business better and better. They’ll see your pain points and learn how your hiring process works. As they get more insight into your organization, they’ll be able to find you the perfect candidates even faster.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, hiring is a strategic decision. It takes time, effort, and resources. Finding the right tech talent for your organization is essential to achieving the goals you’ve set for your company. The best way to find the people that are right for your organization is to work with a tech recruiter. Hiring a tech recruiter is one of the best decisions you can make as an CTO because it’ll accelerate your hiring process and help you source the best talent for your organization.

A tech recruiter can also help you navigate all aspects of the hiring process. They can help you identify and source the right candidates, manage your hiring funnel, and onboard the best talent for your open positions. A tech recruiter can help you build a stronger team, reduce the time and effort spent on hiring, and help you scale your hiring efforts.

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