3 Symptoms that Your Technical Recruitment Process Needs Work

3 Symptoms that Your Technical Recruitment Process Needs Work

3 Symptoms that Your Technical Recruitment Process Needs Work

Technical recruitment can be a complex and fast-moving process. Today, top software developers can be hard to find as the demand often exceeds the supply. Your technical recruitment process must be seamless and well-constructed to ensure you make successful hires. Look for these three symptoms that you need to improve your technical recruitment process.

1. You do not know how or where to find the top talent

Finding great talent isn’t always easy, and it won’t just land in your lap. It takes time to find the right people with the right interests and skills in a candidate search. However, in a market that often has a shortage of technical talent, you often have to be creative to find the best candidates.

Working with a software development company that specializes in recruiting can be a great way to narrow down your search and bring the best candidates directly to you. It’s also important to be proactive in your search for candidates. Many software developers are interested in finding new work but are also already employed on either a part-time or full-time basis. That means that the right approach can even get the most in-demand talent interested in your new positions.

3 Symptoms that Your Technical Recruitment Process Needs Work (body)2. You Can’t Identify or Assess Your Candidates

It’s not enough to just rely on a developer’s report of their knowledge. It takes years of experience and skill to become a top developer. But if you don’t know how to spot, or assess a developer’s skill during the interview process, you’re not going to be able to successfully match a candidate with the right position.

A customizable in-house technical test that tests a variety of skills is a must. This should be tailored to the position applied for and accurately assess the extent of the skills required. It’s also important to assess other ‘soft skills’ during the interview process to see how a candidate will work within a company or with a team. If this kind of assessment is outside the scope of your own expertise, a technical recruitment company can help you develop the right tests to find the best candidates.

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3. You’re Not Engaging the Interest of Candidates

If you’ve gotten through the process of posting the job ad, sorting through resumes, contacting candidates and conducting the interview, you’ve already come a long way with the hiring process. But this process takes time, and the best software developers are often in such high demand that they get another offer before you can officially hire them. The talent has lost interest in the job before you could even get started.

Because of their high demand, top developers often have the upper-hand in negotiations. That’s why it’s important to be efficient and move quickly, but also put effort into building a good relationship with candidates so they stay engaged. If your technical process is too disorganized and slow, you’re going to lose the best talent. Outsourcing technical recruitment to a dedicated software development company often ensures better results, as they can dedicate the time and effort into building relationships with the best candidates, without being stretched too thin with other company operations.

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If your technical recruitment process needs work, it’s important to correct the issues quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on the best talent. Outsourcing technical recruitment to a dedicated company like Bydrec can save the time and effort required to find and engage the best software developers, so you can put more into running your business and other recruitment processes. 

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