Six Reasons to Hire a Nearshore Software Development Company

Hire a Nearshore Software Development Company

More and more companies are choosing nearshore outsourcing to do their software development projects and otherwise because of the many benefits not available with other types of outsourcing. Nearshore companies, as opposed to offshore companies, are in the same time zone as their clients, or close to it. This post gives you six reasons why you should hire a nearshore software development company today.

Six Reasons to Hire a Nearshore Software Development Company

Some people may be hesitant to outsource. The idea that the quality of work will be lower or that there is no guarantee that it will be done correctly can be a big concern. However, this is far from the truth. Many CTOs find nearshore outsourcing to be a better option. Here is why:

  1. Proximity to your team

One of the biggest advantages of nearshore outsourcing is the proximity to your team. You can communicate with your development team during regular hours with nearshore outsourcing. For example, if you are in California and your firm is in India, it will take significantly more time for your team to communicate with each other. This can lead to problems in developing software because both parties will need to wait until the end of the workday before talking with each other.

  1. Shorter lead times

One of the main reasons companies are looking to hire nearshore software development firms is that they offer shorter lead times. When you outsource your project overseas, it typically takes between 10-20 weeks to complete the work. This can cause problems for companies who need the work done sooner.

  1. Cost-saving features

The cost of labor is higher in Silicon Valley, and by hiring a nearshore software development company, you save a lot of money. The pay rates for these companies are considerably lower than in the United States.

  1. Quality guarantees

Quality is the number one reason companies outsource their projects to nearshore firms. You can trust that you will get high-quality work from a nearshore company because they are near your company. If there are any errors in their work, it will be easy for them to correct the mistake and get it back to you quickly. This is the best option if you want your project done perfectly while still getting it on time.

  1. Find the right talent quickly

Nearshore outsourcing gives you quick access to an expert without having to make a long-term commitment. This allows you to test the waters before going all-in on a relationship with someone halfway around the world.

  1. Better control

Choosing nearshore outsourcing also means having an easier time maintaining relationships with employees who are closer in proximity and therefore having more control over your project

Ready to Outsource? We Can Help

Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that provides expert software engineers to clients for their outsourcing needs. We are focused on excellent customer service and delivering customizable solutions.

If your organization needs to innovate or enhance its software development projects, we are ready for you. Contact us by calling (866) 219-7733, or emailing for nearshore software outsourcing you can trust.

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