Should I Hire Offshore or Nearshore Software Engineers?

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When you run a business, you want to make the best decisions to ensure success. Your profit margins may be a primary concern. Typically, business owners want to keep their costs low, to maintain profits. It can be very tempting to cut costs by hiring offshore software engineers, who may charge very little for their work and services. However, working with offshore software engineers may, unfortunately, come with some disadvantages that ultimately cost you time and money.

Offshore Challenge - Communication Barriers

One challenge of going offshore for your bilingual software engineers is that your selected workers may have learned English as a second language. Even if they are fluent in English, they may have a different understanding of the language. For example, they may not understand certain phrases or regional terms. This can sometimes create a real problem with miscommunication. Any such misunderstandings can create delays in production or result in a product that does not quite meet your expectations.

Challenge - Cultural Dynamics

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Everyone develops within some culture. Along the way, people learn certain social norms. Social norms can affect work styles and even work ethic. It can also change the ways that people make decisions and listen to or defer to authority. You likely want to work with people who will have a strong work ethic, who will listen to your directives but work autonomously, who will ask questions, and who will communicate if there are any problems. Most important is finding workers who fit in with your workplace culture. You are more likely to see similar dynamics when you hire expert nearshore engineers.

Offshore Challenge - Time Zone Differences

Another barrier to communication is a difference in time zone. There are over 24 time zones around the world. Some time zones might be only a few hours different from your own. For example, if you reside in New York and outsource to someone in California, there would just be a 3-hour time difference. This can be manageable, as there are still many working hours in common.

Unfortunately, the farther away you outsource, the more difficult things can become. There may be many, low-cost software development options in Asia or India; however, you could see an average of a 12-hour time difference. This means it may be nighttime or an entirely different day for individuals in those countries. This could cause significant delays in communication. Nor do you want to work and stay awake all hours of the night, just to try and discuss plans with your software development team.

Solution - Nearshore Software Engineers

To avoid complications associated with being in drastically different time zones, language barriers, and differences in work culture, you can choose to work with nearshore software engineers. Working with nearshore software developers is an investment in the high quality of your work relationships and results. Nearshore engineers often have a finger on the pulse of the latest innovations and news from your local environment, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the most recent trends and techniques in the field.

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Working with expert nearshore engineers can help you guarantee the best results for your project and a productive work environment. Talk to Bydrec today about hiring a select group of skilled nearshore software engineers to work with you on your next project.


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