Seven 2019 Recruiting Trends Global Technical Recruiters Should Know

Seven 2019 Recruiting Trends Global Technical Recruiters Should Know

Seven 2019 Recruiting Trends Global Technical Recruiters Should Know

Recruiting in 2019 is expected to introduce new trends around the globe. As 2018 comes to a close, employers will soon have to implement better tactics to find and hire the best talent. Most of these modern strategies will shape the hiring process in the next year, and the shift in the landscape is definitely something global technical recruiters should take note of.

A CareerBuilder survey recently found that companies around the world are planning to reorganize the way they hire employees to fill both full-time and part-time positions in 2019. In the same survey, they found that 51% want to hire temporary employees while only 44% of businesses looking to hire full-time workers. These statistics tell us a lot of things, primary of which is …

A Lot Has Changed in Recruitment

The process of traditional technical recruitment has come a long way. Compared to previous years, candidates actually have more power than the employer now. Hard to believe, but true; recent studies show that the job market is 90% driven by the applicant.

This simply means talent picks you, instead of the other way around.

Additionally, searching for ideal employees – particularly those with in-demand skills – has become extremely difficult. Fighting for the cream of the crop eats up a lot of resources, and usually comes at the cost of managing your own existing team. Recruitment has shifted the focus to candidates, who are now being treated by employers like customers—valued and indispensable.

Technical Recruiting Cheat Sheets for Technical Roles

Check out these top 7 recruiting trends forecasted to make a major impact in the next year:

1. Social Recruiting

In social recruiting, employers use social media channels to find and hire new talent. This method refers to the various ways social media networks (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and websites (such as forums, job-hunting pages, blogs, and so on) attract talented individuals.

Most people fail to realize that social recruiting goes beyond social media accounts. Global technical recruiters can use those platforms not only to scout new talent but also to engage with potential hires. They can even take it one step further and start building a relationship with them through the network. It opens a lot of possibilities for skilled people who are looking for a job – making this strategy one of the top recruitment trends of 2019.

2. Collaborative Hiring

This hiring method involves teams from different departments within a company. The HR department essentially teams up with other departments to find—and hopefully hire—new talent. Collaborative hiring isn’t a very common practice, but it is effective and essential. It increases the quality level of new hires and ensures that some departments are already familiar with the new addition before they’re officially integrated. The overall recruitment strategy also causes a significant drop in turnover rates.

3. Tools for Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation tools are basically software global technical recruiters use to automate the entire recruitment process. Many employers have been relying on this method for a long time now. The only difference is that by next year, recruitment automation will go beyond ATS, Recruitment Marketing Software, CRM, and HRIS. The hottest trend right now is developed software that provides 2-in-1 tools, or multiple intuitive functions in just a single platform.

Other than attracting and engaging new candidates, these tools also streamline the hiring process. This help make your organization even faster and more efficient when it comes to finding ideal applicants for any position. Any company that has not yet adopted this method runs the risk of losing awesome talent to their forward-thinking rivals in the business.

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4. Pursuing Passive Candidates

Seven 2019 Recruiting Trends Global Technical Recruiters Should Know1Passive candidates are people who are still employed and are not actually in the process of job hunting. However, despite this status, they are still actually willing to discuss a new job opportunity if one suddenly comes along. Through social media engagement, you give passive candidates a glimpse of what they’re missing out on because of their current occupation.

Through the use of educational and interesting content, those candidates are made aware of the company and why it’s better than the company they’re currently employed with and/or its competitors. This makes the candidate eager to learn more about the company and may even be enough to convince them to give the opportunity a shot.

5. Strong Employer Brand

Employer brand refers to the company’s reputation and its popularity in the industry. It also describes the employee value proposition instead of the reputation of its general corporate brand. Ideas for employer branding are crucial for organizations that want to build an attractive and strong employer brand.

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn recently, over 75% of job seekers do their homework and actually take time to research a company’s reputation before filling in an application. Companies who are notorious for not treating their employees well obviously have difficulties finding candidates. They also have problems retaining good employees.

By building a strong employer brand, the process of attracting and hiring new applicants can be done effortlessly.

6. Make Sure the Good Ones Stay

Knowing who you should hire is key, but keeping good employees is even more important. Although the cost of dealing with bad hires can be high, the price you pay when you let go of a good employee is much higher.  While 75% of employees say they are loyal to their employer, only 54% believe their company is loyal to them. The unfortunate part is almost 31% of talented employees are likely to change jobs in the coming year. Hence, you need to put in the effort to not only find capable employees, but also get them to actually stay with you. Taking care of them, building a personal relationship with them, and generally valuing them are some foolproof ways to ensure their long-lasting loyalty.

7. Going Digital

And lastly, the era of paper resumes and CVs is no more. Aside from the fact that most every organization has switched over to digital, project managers and team leaders are beginning to place more value on soft skills and character. They trust someone’s social media account more than they do their personal essay, and they find that video letter submissions are more effective for gauging how well a candidate will fit in their company.

For global technical recruiters, this means adjusting the traditional hiring process to accommodate this switch to digital. This also means reframing your hiring metrics to make them suitable for judging social profiles, Skype calls, and video submissions rather than CVs and interviews. There will always be a need for resumes, but they are no longer the sole deciding factor for someone’s job opportunity.

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