Quality Assurance in Software Development: When to Start the Testing Process

Quality Assurance in Software Development When to Start the Testing Process.jpg

Quality Assurance in Software Development When to Start the Testing Process.jpg

It can be challenging to determine the right time to conduct testing for quality assurance in your software development. Businesses often delay longer than they should to conduct their quality assurance testing, by waiting until the product is fully developed. When it comes to quality assurance testing, the sooner, the better, but it is never too late to start.

It is best to start your testing process as early as possible, even during the planning stage of software development. When you catch software problems early, you can correct them before they become bigger problems and harder to correct. In most cases, a skilled quality assurance team can use testing to help your software development at every stage of the development process:

The Planning Stage

The planning process in software development begins with understanding what the end users want and how to meet their needs. From the beginning, quality assurance should be concerned with ensuring that end users have a good experience with the software. Quality assurance testing can be used to ensure you know what your potential customers want and that your product ideas will work in the way you intend - to meet customer needs.

UX UI Design layout.jpgThe Design Stage

As your software development project continues to the analysis and design phase, the likelihood of making product errors increases. Quality assurance testing can be used to identify any specific design issues and catch them before they get out of hand. As you use quality assurance testing, it can also help you to avoid delays in production and workflow problems, to streamline the ongoing development process for optimum time management and return on investment.

The Construction Stage

During the construction phase, the quality assurance team will be focused on making incremental changes to the program. If you have not previously done any testing, they might catch large problems, which would require significant changes and could create a severe delay in the overall timeline for the project. Avoid that scenario by having testing initiated at this point. Also, continue testing to catch any errors that might occur during the construction phase.

The Testing Stage

During your final phase of product development, you will, in fact, be focused on testing. However, as already illustrated, quality assurance testing will work best if done in the earlier stages too. With testing prior to this point you may find few problems during the testing phase, and be able to implement redesigns or restructuring that save time and resources in the long run. However, the testing phase is design to find and correct issues as the ‘final check’ before product release.

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Automation of Quality Assurance?

There is a growing belief that quality assurance testing can be done with an automated process. However, automation will miss many of the small details and bugs that will be obvious to the end user. Just because software passes computerized tests, does not mean it will always pass the pressure of human testers. Professional software development and testing firm can help to advise you on quality assurance testing throughout the entire process.

Working with a quality assurance team is an investment in the final software product that saves you time, money and resources in the end. Choose Bydrec as your quality assurance team for valuable and accurate testing throughout the software development process, allowing you to avoid greater costs in work-time and production delays.  



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