Onshore and Nearshore Software Development - Using Both

Onshore and Nearshore Software Development Can You Use Both

Onshore and Nearshore Software Development Can You Use Both

With the increasing need for high-quality software, different companies also find that they need more developers. However, instead of hiring teams for in-house development, the new trend is to hire remote workers as a cheaper and more efficient alternative. Businesses are often presented with two options: onshore and nearshore software development.

Remote development is a way to globally build teams on-demand. You no longer need to worry about hiring an in-house team because you’re lacking resources. Your focus will be shifted to the product’s core value because acquiring new talent for a specific project is now made easier.

Before deciding whether to choose nearshore or onshore, it’s important to know the risks and benefits of each option. This post will give you an idea on which method will work for your company according to your needs.

Onshore Software Development = Comfort for a Price

Onshore development is basically an outsourcing method that is the closest to your location. In many cases, this means collaborating with companies that are located in your home country. There are a lot of advantages to onshore software development. There is no communication barrier because you speak the partner team’s language, so the work is finished without any major issue.

Unfortunately, there is one major concern if you choose this method: the high costs involved.

Onshore software developers come with a high cost. Therefore, they cannot compete with the prices offered by nearshore software development companies.

Nearshore Software Development = In-Between Choice

Onshore and Nearshore Software Development Can You Use Both1It’s a win-win situation if you choose nearshore software development. Technically, nearshoring works just like offshoring. The only difference is the location, because with nearshoring, your partner team is based in a country with a similar time zone to yours, or one with minimal difference in time.

Aside from a higher level of communication you end up saving more in terms of the rates while making the entire process more seamless. Add to that the possibility of onsite visits since your developers work near you, which means it’s easier for you to meet up with them for further discussion on the project compared to working with an offshore team.

There’s also the cultural aspect. You don’t live on opposite sides of the world so there is not much difference between your cultures.

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Finding the Right Outsourcing Option for your Next Project

Now that you have a clearer picture of the different outsourcing options that are available for software development, it’s time to pick the most ideal one for your business. Although you can use both, it would be better if you only select one specific option for every project.

Before making a final decision, determine the most important qualities that you are looking for in a software developer. Consider other aspects as well if you’re looking at either an onshore or nearshore software development team. What may initially appear as a cost-saving rate can turn into a low-quality project. Avoid a disastrous development process by looking at your options thoroughly and doing proper research on what best applies to your business.

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