Can a Nearshore Software Company Boost Your Business in 2021?

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Many people in the tech world believe that nearshore software development is the wave of the future. A nearshore software company provides outsourced software development services that are in the same geographic region as your company, but with a time difference of only 1-3 hours.

Working with a company like this allows your business to outsource services without dealing with communication and productivity issues that are commonly associated with teams located in a different region. Going beyond the basics, this leaves business owners to question if outsourcing is the right investment for them. So, will it boost your business this year? Here are some perks of hiring a nearshore software development company in 2021.


Opting for nearshore software development services is becoming increasingly common. This is because in-house software development teams can be expensive to maintain, and can also be stressful to manage.

Working with a nearshore software company is an affordable way to benefit from skilled software developers, without paying for costly permanent salaries or office spaces. Additionally, it will spare you the hassle and expense of interviewing and assembling a software development team that works well together. An experienced group of nearshore software developers will be ready to work with your business right away.

Hiring More Developers

Suppose your company is working on a large project so you need to hire and onboard more software developers as soon as possible. In that case, a nearshore software company is an excellent resource. They will help your company finish massive projects ahead of time. You can gain access to a secure and efficient pool of software developers who can help you right away. Your business will be able to stick to a tight timeframe and distinguish its brand from the competition. If you already have a small in-house team, they can also collaborate to speed up the development process.

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Accepting More Projects

A nearshore software development company is an excellent option if your business accepts more projects than it can handle. Your business can call a team of nearshore software developers to maintain or upgrade software whenever the extra help is necessary. This gives your business the freedom to accept new projects, without committing to a costly expansion of your in-house workforce. Additionally, a nearshore software development company is the perfect option if you're searching for software developers who can work fast, efficiently, and securely.

Selecting the Right Nearshore Partner

There are several nearshore software development companies in the USA. When looking for one, you should work with a company that can align their goals and objectives with your own, and effectively collaborate with your team.

Aside from that, consider factors such as their market presence, years of experience, human talent, and other nearshore clients. If you’ve already shortlisted a few potential nearshore partners, you can schedule virtual meetings with them just to touch base and see how they operate. Feel free to ask technical questions that are related to your goals and upcoming projects.

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Price is another factor to consider, but your decision shouldn't rest solely on it. After all, producing high-quality software is more important than cutting corners for cheaper service. Bydrec values the importance of providing quality services above all else. For custom software development solutions, call us at 888-864-3124 today.

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