Two Effective Ways to Hire the Right App Developers

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If you’re looking to hire the right app developers, the first thing you need to do is define your needs. Here are three common situations most businesses have to deal with.

  • You already have a team of developers but you’re in need of additional employees.
  • The required knowledge is not available within your existing team of mobile app developers. This is commonly due to new technology that has to be applied.
  • You’re starting from scratch with a new project, either because you’re a startup company, or you’re an existing business owner who’s venturing into mobile app development for the first time. 

In-House vs Outsourced

in-house mobile app development teamThe first option here is to build an in-house mobile app development team. The other option is to oursource.

In-house strategies have the benefit of fast and easy communication, and developers become part of the corporate culture. They can also build up extensive knowledge regarding the app. Although, there are several downsides to this approach as well. Setting up an in-house team initially costs a lot of time and money.

Additionally, business processes have to be installed and management put in place to monitor progress. You take full-risk and responsibility for salaries and have to invest in all the necessary equipment for the new team. Another downside is that the pool of available experts is limited to local talent.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, has several advantages. There is a practically limitless pool of coding experts to pull from. There’s no need to spend money on extra equipment or office supplies. And, you won’t bear the risk of full-time salaries when there’s no work to be done.

Of course, outsourcing has downsides as well. For one, different time zones can delay communication and development. In addition, individual freelancers may not cooperate effectively with each other. Finally, offshore developers might have difficulty understanding the needs of American corporations.

Is there an alternative that combines the benefits of both strategies while eliminating the downsides?

Nearshore Option

nearshore mobile App DeveloperBydrec offers nearshore app development services, combining the best of both strategies into one comprehensive approach. Founded in 2016 by tech experts, we share two decades of industry experience. Our headquarters are located in Northern California and operation is executed from Colombia, South America.

By sharing the same time zones with the U.S., communication is immediate and takes place during conventional office hours. This allows our Colombian developers to fully engage with the U.S. company they work for. We have efficient internal communication channels among the developers at Bydrec. This helps us to deliver projects on time, and to meet all requirements.

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The mobile app developers at Bydrec are specialized in and focused on the U.S. market. They’re also fluent in English and understand U.S. corporate culture. Our professionals are trained to deliver the same high-standard service as their U.S. counterparts. Additionally, wages are half the cost of U.S. coders, hence our rates are competitive with Asia and Eastern Europe. Bydrec is known for providing outstanding productivity and efficiency to all its clients. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with excellent customer service and outstanding customized solutions.

Find out more about our services at Bydrec today and boost your business to new heights.

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