How Global Technical Recruiters Can Help Outsource The Best Development Team

How Global Technical Recruiters Can Help Outsource The Best Development Team

How Global Technical Recruiters Can Help Outsource The Best Development Team

Not a lot of business owners have had the pleasure of working with global technical recruiters for major or minor development projects. In fact, the knee-jerk reaction to finding and outsourcing a qualified development team is to handle the entire recruitment process in-house; this means taking existing staff members off of their regular assignments for two or three weeks to find, interview, screen, and—eventually—hire qualified developers or outsourcing agencies.

And while this approach may work, doesn’t mean it’s the best or most efficient one. It can, in fact, be refined. By working with a global technical recruiter to handle the finding and outsourcing, you actually stand to have a better hiring experience that yields far better candidates. Here’s how:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Before we dive into this section, it’s important to emphasize how there is a huge difference between cheap and cost-effective. Finding the cheapest development team doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best financial deal. If you end up paying a fraction of the going market price for a team that’s inexperienced, inept, and inefficient, the money you “saved” on their initial rate will end up paying for their potential errors and blunders.

Technical recruiters can help you find the most cost-effective solutions for your development needs by finding you the best team that perfectly matches your prerequisites—and your budget. What this means is that you’ll get exceptional developers at a fair price; one that doesn’t sacrifice quality and doesn’t clean you out.

Having global technical recruiters outsource your development team also minimizes your expenses for the overall hiring process. Aside from ensuring that acquisition is completed in the fastest possible time—effectively optimizing your schedule—their expertise also guarantees you won’t pay for excessive, expensive training or replacement costs. They essentially represent the best value for your dollar.

Talent Identification & Industry Connections

Due to the nature of their work, experienced technical recruiters often find themselves in the unique position of knowing both sides of the recruitment process: employers who are searching for talented developers, and clever, capable individuals who are searching for employment.

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Couple this knowledge with their considerable experience and expertise of the existing resource pool, and you have someone who essentially knows who all the best available developers are and how to contact them. Their insight and awareness of the industry also means they know suitable people who best fit the job requirements—even if they aren’t actively looking for new jobs but are open to the right opportunity.

Being “in the know” as they are, global technical recruiters are very much aware of the candidate’s skill, reputation, and work ethic. They know how to weed out the decent applicants from the truly remarkable ones. They know their salary expectations and their previous works (up to a certain extent). And on the other hand, they also know which individuals to avoid hiring and how to turn down the ones who aren’t a great fit.

They can take the specifics of your job description and match it up against their considerably broad network—which takes us to our next point:

Narrower, More Defined Selection Pool

How Global Technical Recruiters Can Help Outsource The Best Development Team_1Another advantage of working with global technical recruiters is their extensive knowledge regarding the industry’s human resources and their own personal network of said assets. Because of their ability to identify talent and match it with the right opportunity, they’re essentially working with a narrower, more defined pool of candidates. This means that they’re capable of finding and hiring the best possible developers a lot faster compared to traditional recruitment.

With traditional recruitment, you post a job listing, wait for applicants to submit their resumes and CVs, and then begin the process of narrowing your selection until your left with the top picks. Global recruiters, with their connections and network, already know who the top picks are. Hence, it’s easier for them to pinpoint the best candidates for your business in record time.

There’s also no guarantee that the right people will see your job posting, as the industry is oversaturated, and competition for the best of the best can be fierce. With the network that global technical recruiters have, they can make sure the job opportunity reaches the most qualified applicants with the right skillset.

This same network is also something you want to tap into for future projects, especially if the parameters—and thus the job prerequisites—are different from your current assignments.

Industry Insight

The job of a technical recruiter is to provide staffing solutions for organizations in any industry. As such, theirs is a position that requires a lot of research, data gathering, data analysis, and operations management. Even if they are globally positioned, they must have a considerable amount of market insight on the national and local levels as well.

Simply put, they can broaden or narrow their connections to meet whatever the situation requires.

Their own in-house business processes are products of their experience in the field of recruitment. The sheer amount of people they have to meet with and coordinate accordingly on a daily basis is astounding. As such, it stands to reason that global technical recruiters understand the industry’s human resources quite comprehensively. They know what rates developers expect, they know what kind of management they respond best to, and they know what acquisition packages and methods they find attractive.

Their understanding of the industry’s supply and demand trends also means that they’re ultimately equipped to help employers make better hiring decisions. Even if you just work with technical recruiters for one project, the insight they can provide on how to find and appeal to the best developers is priceless.

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Frees Up Company Time & Resources

It’s been touched upon briefly throughout the whole article, but it bears repeating: one of the biggest benefits global technical recruiters can give you is time.

As mentioned, their network, their connections, and their industry knowledge are all incredible resource pools that can help speed up the recruitment process. Their specific well of qualified candidates for your project means outsourcing the best development team for your business will only take days rather than weeks to complete. This means the actual project can start sooner rather than later, leaving you with plenty of time for review, edits, and adjustments (if necessary).

Having a global recruiter handle the hiring process also means you won’t have to sacrifice three or four of your existing staff members to do it. You’re essentially outsourcing someone to outsource your development team, which means all the time- and resource-related benefits of industry outsourcing apply to your situation.

And since the recruiters only have the one job, they’re able to fully focus on refining the candidate list and choosing the best crop. In comparison, placing a handful of your team members in charge of recruitment might not achieve the same dedicated results within the same timeframe, as the possibility of them focused on something else—such as their actual jobs and all remaining responsibilities related to them—is quite high.

Overall, outsourcing a software development team for your company doesn’t necessarily need to be handled solely by your company. Working with global technical recruiters to handle the initial hiring process offers you a ton of benefits and exclusive access to next-level resources. Regardless of the project’s type, scale, and timeframe, having a technical recruiter outsource your development team is arguably the most practical and cost-effective solution.

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