Chatbots: Custom Software Development or an Off-the-Shelf AI?

Chatbots Custom Software Development or an Off-the-Shelf AI

Chatbots Custom Software Development or an Off-the-Shelf AIThese days, more and more customers are choosing to interact with businesses through digital channels. This has led companies to implement chatbots for handling customer requests coursed through mobile apps, social networks, and websites.

As chatbots become a bigger part of the technology roadmap of businesses, whether to use an off-the-shelf chatbot or opt for custom software development has been a topic of debate. In order to make the selection process easier for you, here are the things you need to consider:


Scalability should be one of your priorities when choosing technology for your business. Your software needs to be scalable enough to accommodate the current requirements of your business while making room for additions in the future at the same time.

As your business continues to grow, there might be additional features and developments for the software you're using. That’s why it’s always a great idea to get your software created in a scalable way, and that's an option that can only be found in custom software development.

Nature of the Enterprise

The problem with having a smaller company is that you rarely have enough resources, time, and budget for the custom software development projects your business calls for. Requirements also aren't as likely to require complicated integration. Because of this, an off-the-shelf solution would often fit their existing needs better.

However, custom software development also has its perks - even for small companies. The extra effort and investment will be worth it, especially if the business plans to expand in the future. Custom software is replicable and scalable, while off-the-shelf AI is unlikely to offer the same level of scalability without you having to double your investment.

Integration Challenges

Chatbots Custom Software Development or an Off-the-Shelf AI1Data analytics has turned into a valuable source of competitive advantage, so enterprises need to ensure seamless software integration. That’s why the extra time and investment needed to develop custom software may be worth its while.

When preparing a blueprint for the new software, the developer would consider the current system, so they can make sure your software functions smoothly within your existing IT network.


Custom software development may seem like an attractive proposition in spite of the required level of skills. However, it’s worth noting that enterprises could find those types of developmental tasks to be a distraction from their core focus.

When you use custom software, the company will be dealing with the brunt of the drawbacks until the glitches are resolved and the software matures. With off-the-shelf software, the company can learn from the mistakes of others.

Take note that purchasing off-the-shelf software is by no means a walk in the park. There's an elaborate procurement process to think about, with the process of source-to-contract presenting various challenges.

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Competitive Edge

According to experts, it’s important to adopt software and align it with your business process instead of doing things the other way around. So if you're creating a solution just for your business based on its specific requirements, then custom software development is the way to go.

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