Avoid These 5 Phrases That Kill Your Credibility with Software Developers

Avoid these 5 Phrases That Kill your Credibility with Software Developers

Avoid these 5 Phrases That Kill your Credibility with Software Developers.jpg

About to get started with software developer recruitment?  You may be wondering about the best practices to get the best talent. There are many things to do, most of which focus on developing a relationship and helping the candidate see your company is a good fit for their needs and goals. There are also some things not to do. Here are the 5 phrases you should avoid to maintain credibility with software developers.

1. “Your background is a great match.”

When you research a candidate, you will logically want to tell them if you think they fit well with your position and company. However, if you jump the gun in exclaiming the match, without thoroughly vetting the candidate, your contact with them could seem insincere. Since many developers are in high demand and can take their pick among many jobs, they already know whether the position matches their experience or not. If the position described doesn’t actually match their experience (which they will always know better than you) developers may detect the falseness of this statement and become disinterested.

2. “We are about to launch on the stock market.”

If you tell your potential recruits that you are about to make an IPO (Initial Public Offering) it may entice them. Many people would not ignore the possibility of a good economic outlook. However, with their choice of jobs on offer, many developers want more than just money for their work. They also want to know about the other benefits a potential job offer could bring them (such as opportunities for professional development). Focusing only on the financial side of things, while neglecting the other benefits of a position could indicate that you’re a bit one-sided, and don’t really prioritize a developer’s well-being.

3. “We need a ninja that knows…”professional language during a  interview .jpg

It makes sense to outline what you need your developer to know. Potential recruits want to know if their skills match what you’re looking for. However, it doesn’t make sense to actually use words like “ninja” or “Rockstar”. Use professional language during the hiring process and be specific as you list the experience or programming languages required. Do your research before you write and ensure you have some preliminary knowledge about the position and the skills needed.

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4. “Here are some opportunities you might be interested in.” 

Sometimes people attempt mass recruitments with vague, broad emails sent to many people with several listings of potential job opportunities. Depersonalized, mass emails like this are not likely to appeal to top talent. Instead take a focused approach by reaching out to specific candidates, with one hand-picked job, that actually matches their interests and career goals. Do your homework before you contact prospects and make sure that the job is indeed a good match. Make the email contact personal, so that they are more likely to read it and respond to it.

5. “If you are not interested, please forward to your colleagues.” 

By asking your potential candidates to forward the job announcement to others, you are signaling that this contact is not specifically directed at and tailored to them. Additionally, software developers are already busy with their own work, and probably don’t feel like doing your job for you. This kind of communication can lead to disinterest in your contacts and potentially give you a bad reputation for being a lazy recruiter!

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If you need the best software development talent fast and want to avoid these pitfalls, outsourcing recruitment to a software development company might be the ideal solution. When a software development company recruits tech talent, they already know exactly how to talk to candidates and entice them to new opportunities. Outsourcing recruiting to a software development company like Bydrec not only ensure more effective communication, but saves you time and reduces your workload when hiring.


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