How Much Does App Development Cost?

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Almost every business invests in a comprehensive website to expand its reach. But estimating the total cost of app development for a web application is not as simple. This is because several factors affect the total cost of a web application development project.

You can partner with an experienced website development team that will work within your budget and a specified time frame. But before you get ahead of yourself, let's take a look at the top four factors that influence the total cost of developing an exceptional web app.

Domain and Hosting Costs

First of all, there’s the initial cost of purchasing a domain name for your website. This is like buying a tiny piece of Internet real estate.

You’ll also need a host for your domain before you can get your website up and running. Hosting costs vary depending on the plan you select.

Designing Expenses

App Development and codingTo create a successful website, it’s necessary to spend some money on an effective design. That is, unless you’re tech-savvy.

The design of your website should be visually appealing, and easy to read. If your site isn’t user-friendly, people simply won’t be interested for long. The ideal design should also reflect your business concept and tone. You can hire a professional website development company to help you determine the best font size, color scheme, style, and images to showcase, among other things.

Bear in mind, basic website design rates vary depending on the customization and functionality you add to your website.

The Type of Website and its Complexity

One of the main factors affecting the cost of developing a web application is the type of site you want to create, and the complexity associated with it. If you decide to develop a complex website with many internal features and functions, the cost of building it will be much higher than the cost of a single page website with minimal functionality. A basic website will include five to ten features, such as a blog, or a gallery, etc.

Hiring a Development Team

There are many website development agencies on the market, and they all offer different quotes, so it can be a challenge to select the right one. Choose a development team that best suits the needs of your business.

Aside from these essential elements, you can also include features like third-party API integration, the inclusion of automated technologies, payment gateway integration, and website tracking, all of which could have an impact on the budget of your website development project.

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How to Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

Planning to develop a complex mobile app without paying attention to your budget can lead to an abandoned project. Luckily, there are some ways companies can reduce nonessential expenses related to application development.

How can you do that without affecting the quality of the application, you might ask? Here are the top five tips on how to reduce mobile application development costs.

Always Document Mobile Apps

mobile App DevelopmentThis process is crucial for successful mobile application development. In fact, it’s important to start making application documents directly from the first stage, even when the application is just an idea and a diagram. What is the primary purpose of documentation? Each step in the development stage should contain the features of each app.

When programmers have these documents in front of them, they know precisely what you want them to build. This way, you’ll avoid misunderstandings and save a lot of time and money by not having to change things over and over again.

Just Start with the Basic Features

Don’t get sidetracked when developing an application for your business. Your competitors probably already have great looking mobile apps with a variety of features. And of course you want the best, but instead of overthinking everything at the risk of losing valuable time and money, focus on critical features.

What are critical features? Well, you have to ask a few questions:

  • What is the purpose of your app?
  • What will the user do?
  • How will it help people?

Answer these three questions, and you will find your main features.

Agile Development

Everyone talks about the mobile application development model called Agile Development and how it can save money, effort, and time. While this method will require more actual work from application developers, it guarantees success. Developing an effective mobile app in one go is what matters when it comes to not exceeding your budget.

The Agile app development project is divided into small tasks, and the completion of each job results in a functional portion of the application that can be tested immediately. For instance, developers can fix bugs quickly and see if there are any issues with integrating features into the app.

This method has become a dominant one because its iterative nature allows developers to come back and add new features at any time, without having to modify the core of the application.

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Targeting Multiple Platforms

To reduce costs and save development time, the mobile app should always target popular platforms and multiple devices. This is why you must specify that you want an app that works on both Android and iOS devices, regardless of whether they are smartphones or tablets.

Ask any seasoned developer about native and cross-platform apps, and you'll always get the same answer- the cost of cross-platform mobile applications is much lower than developing native apps. As with the original features, your app will not have unique features and functions for a single platform.

On the other hand, this won’t cause your budget to be exceeded. This is the reason why this is the preferred solution for startups and SMEs.

Partner with a Respected Development Company

Although you can significantly reduce costs for the development process, you should never skimp on developers. Experienced professionals will cost you more now, but they’re sure to save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Well, there you have it, the top five tips on how to decrease mobile app development costs and still leave room for improvement. By producing proper documentation for developers and choosing a company that uses an iterative model of application development, you can drastically reduce your expenses and allocate that money towards other business needs.

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