Advantages of Nearshore Software Development in Colombia

The Advantages of Nearshoring Talent in Colombia

Advantages of Nearshore Software Development in ColombiaIf you’re looking to hire external talent for your software development needs, you have probably gotten a taste of the talent shortage in the United States. Just a few years ago there were 2.5 million job openings in the US for IT positions,[1] and this number is only increasing, with many remaining unfilled. This unbalanced market is causing problems for companies that need help developing software – not only is it difficult to find employees and contractors, but the prices for them have skyrocketed.  Many have cracked the code to this tech problem by outsourcing. But directly outsourcing does not solve all the issues of the tech industry talent drought – outsourcing wisely is just as important.

Here we provide three reasons that nearshoring your software development needs to Colombia is a wise decision for your company:

  • You can be one of the first ones to get in on the secret: Colombia is popping up on the international radar for many industries: tourism, gastronomy, real estate, and tech. Still feared for what it was in the 1990s, Medellin, Colombia has done a 180-degree turn, becoming a hot spot in the Western Hemisphere. While many are exploiting Medellin for all that it has to offer, the City of Eternal Spring still has plenty of room for early adopters to come into the picture. Being one of the first firms to recruit talent from any untapped market means that you will get the best of the talent, and if your model allows you to retain this talent (or you can build relationships), then you can get in now before prices increase with demand.
  • The Advantages of Nearshoring Talent in Colombia-BodyColombia has a stable economy with a stable business legal structure: Colombia’s economy has been relatively stable over the last few decades, which is essential for contracting firms so that they know what to expect with regards to prices, currency exchange, and costs. The legal structure in Colombia is stable as well and like that of the United States, allowing smooth dispute settlement should something go awry. Furthermore, the United States and Colombia have shared a close political relationship, which is comforting to know when you are engaging in international business practices.
  • Colombians are known for being easy to deal with: Forget what you’ve seen on Narcos. Colombians outside of this small group of (in)famous people are recognized for their exceedingly polite manners, which makes doing business with them a pleasure. They are so gracious, in fact, that their behaviors are built into their language (they use the diminutive form of many of their words, making everything small and cute). But don’t mistake their good manners for lack of ‘straightforwardness’ – Colombians are very direct when merited, but they have a way of dealing with disagreements with ease and grace.
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Above all else, Medellin is known for exactly what you need, tech talent. Recently awarded the title of “the Silicon Valley of Latin America” in various publications, Medellin is happy to be recognized for its tech-forward culture, and the fact that it has an untapped supply of talent for half the price of its American counterparts. So don’t wait until everyone else gets in – do your due diligence and utilize the talent that awaits you in this city. 



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