9 Reasons Why Good Software Engineers Quit

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Putting together the best possible team of software engineers for your company is essential to get the investment and results you want. Losing valuable members of your dedicated software development team is always a disappointment, as their experience and knowledge go with them. What can you do as a company to attract expert nearshore engineers and to keep them? Here we look at the top reasons good software engineers quit, and what you can do to prevent it.

1. Pay Below Expectations

While pay isn't the most important thing to a software engineer (more than half of the engineers surveyed said they would take less money to work in a great culture or for a great brand), lousy pay is going to discourage software engineers from staying. In the same survey, 78% of software engineers (the largest group) said they would leave their current job because of inadequate compensation.

2. They Don't See A Future

Career growth and a future for the software development outsourcing company are also highly valued by dedicated software engineers. This reason was given by 76% of software engineers when asked why they would leave their jobs. Even an uncertain future or company instability could lead software engineers to start a new job search.

micro managing employees why good employees quit.jpg3. Don't Get Along With Manager

Difficulty getting along with managers and people directly in charge is a struggle for all employees. Managers need to know how to facilitate and support software engineers rather than control them too much.

4. Don't Get Along With Team

Most dedicated software developers work in a team, and this team needs to work together to produce the best results. Difficulties with the team could lead to more than one software engineer to look elsewhere.

5. Company Culture

Overall company culture can also negatively affect software engineers. Software engineers work best in calm and focused environments, and office politics will detract from this. It's the company's responsibility to shield the development team from these issues.

6. Location

Offices that are hard to get to and long commutes can be significant drawbacks for software engineers. One option can be to relocate, to make your office more accessible.

7. Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is of critical importance to the performance and happiness of your software engineers. Don’t work them into the ground, and offer flexible hours where possible.

8. Stale Work

Non-stimulating work can quickly become dull and uninteresting to your software engineers. Keep it interesting by adding new perspectives and approaches to old projects, and changing the method if it’s not moving forward.

9. No Recognition

Working without recognition can be demoralizing to anyone. Your software engineers need to know they make a difference to your projects and your company to stay motivated and engaged.

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If you don’t need or can’t support a full-time software engineer or team, outsourcing a skilled team is the ideal solution. You can even hire the same team again and again, only as you need them, and they will retain the skills and knowledge needed for your particular project.Talk to Bydrec today about putting together the best, nearshore software development outsourcing for when you need them.


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