5 Important Things to Understand about Hiring Software Developers

5 Must Know Stats About Software Developers Before You Hire.jpg

5 Must Know Stats About Software Developers Before You Hire.jpg

Hiring an outstanding software developer can be a challenge. To get a leg up on your hiring process, you might be curious to know what makes them tick. As you look to hire a software developer, you may want to know what makes them tick. More importantly, you may want to know what will encourage them to choose to work with you, rather than your competition. Here are 5 stats about software developers you must know before you hire.

1. 2 out of every 3 developers are in full-time roles

Good software developers may be a bit hard to find, because many are already employed. Across the world, approximately 68% of developers are employed full-time. Approximately 91% of developers are at least “gainfully employed” whether it is full-time, self-employed, or engaged in freelance work. This statistic is understandable, considering the overall shortage of skilled developers.

2. 78% of developers are interesting in finding new work

Even though many software developers are already gainfully employed, approximately 14.8% of them are still looking for new work and 63.1% are at least interested in hearing about new job opportunities. This shows, that with the right opportunity, you can secure an outstanding software developer for your project.

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software developers job search .jpg3. Approximately 28% of U.S. developers find new work through referrals

Most software developers find new jobs through their friends and contacts. The reason for this statistic?  Like most people, developers like to work with people they already know. At the same time, 17% of developers find new jobs online, so many developers are still looking to websites to find work. External recruiters also account for approximately 14% of the connections between developers and jobs, showing that this is still a significant avenue for hiring software developers.

4. 1% of developers want to learn new technologies

Many software developers seek out new work because they want to continue to grow as professionals. 70.1% want to learn new technologies and another 64.3% want to build new things. Surprisingly, these job benefits are more important to employees than a regular work schedule or having their own office, showing the importance of offering diversity and variety in software development work.

5. Many developers are unhappy because of unclear expectations

As many as 34.9% of developers feel challenged by unclear expectations at their workplace and 33.5% feel the workplace requirements are too vague. 34.7% of developers are also frustrated with poor documentation. Overall, developers dislike uncertainty and an unclear process. Clarifying the role, the work involved and the expectations during the hiring process can really make a job seem more enticing to a software developer.

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Although the majority of software developers are already employed, ironically the majority of software developers are also looking for new work. This reveals that many software developers are not fully satisfied with their job and many are interested in hearing about new opportunities. By targeting what software developers are looking for in a job, you can attract the best and brightest developers to your project. No-one knows software developers like other software developers, which is why Bydrec has such an edge when it comes to recruiting the best developers for a project. Outsourcing your software development recruitment can help save your business time and money, while ensuring even better results from the hiring process. 


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